iPhone XR vs OnePlus 6T / Camera Comparison

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Both phones are considered “budget” but let’s see how these camera stacks up against each other.

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Ramon Vera says:

Great review, subscribing 👍.

Алекс says:

Amazing comparison! You deserve many more subscribers!
Keep going!

quiltedquickerpicker says:

I prefer the XR's photos and vids on the rear cameras, but I actually prefer the 6T's front-facing more than the XR's. The XR's front camera is too soft and blurry xD even though the contrast and dynamic range is better xD I also think the XR's front-facing camera very inconsistent on portrait mode xD Thanks for comparing the two <3 Great job as always <3

Nam Ngyen says:

Both have the same quality but oneplus6t needs both good quality because the IP xr is better smart hdr

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