iPhone XR vs iPhone XS Real World Camera Comparison! Are They The Same?

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Full camera test comparison between the iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

iPhone XR vs XS video: https://youtu.be/RZ5-w-32UYY

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TechDaily says:

New Video! Does the iPhone 11 make me look weird too?! https://youtu.be/vuxyluwrO0k
iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro Real World Camera Comparison! Are They The Same?

koen edwards says:

I know iam late but should i buy the ipone xr or the xs?

Riko Jacomb says:

Ur iPhones be flexing on my iPhone 5

Darshan Vyas says:

Would you please make XR vs 11

Khairul Aiman says:

Should I Buy XR or X In 2020?

Blaine Fiasco says:

Ooo, the way the XRliterally made you look like a different person is kinda no for me

johnroussi 21 says:

Xs max 😂😂😂

Cup of Bleach says:

I'm going to get the XR and that's on period. I feel bad for XS users because y'all got scammed.

Jazzy R says:

I proffer XR x


XR is better!!

Nikkie Rogers says:

im thinking about getting the xr

Pe4nutt. says:

3:51 can anyone tell me why these pictures look like 2 different people please

Hala Shehab says:

many people just always diss th Xs oh its more expensive for nothing oh Xr is lowkey better cant u just leave the ones who got it enjoy it!!

Salvo Ciontoli says:

*xr vs xs max

R Hadid says:

Do they add Stage Light and Stage Mono to XR in the latest update?

R Hadid says:

4.00 so gorgeous!

Chippy_ Chip says:

The XR is better here

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