iPhone XR vs. Galaxy S10E camera comparison

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The Galaxy S10E has dual rear cameras, one of which uses an ultrawide lens that’s insanely fun for photography. So how does the Apple iPhone XR stack up? I take both phones around San Francisco shooting photos and video and compare the results to see how they handle portrait mode, low-light photos and video.

Phone XR vs. Galaxy S10E: https://youtu.be/V0et0UVgvQM
iPhone XR review: https://youtu.be/znz8o-boH0E
Galaxy S10E review: https://youtu.be/kW9klJZQYCA

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Apple iPhone XR review: https://cnet.co/2QWgMPX
Samsung Galaxy S10E review: https://cnet.co/2WxQSry

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CNET says:

When I originally filmed videos with the Galaxy S10E, both HDR10+ and HEVC were turned off. It wasn't until the files were downloaded where I noticed the "flat profile". I'm working with Samsung to determine the cause. – Patrick

Janelee Keller says:

Well Done, Patrick
and Enjoyable to watch 👌😊.

Thanks, and have a Great Day 🌄 🌞,
JaneLee 🕊️

Billy Ray Bacay says:

When he talks, his tongue looks weird. 😆😂

kevin mashru says:

Wait can we use just panorama shot to take wide angle photo

aaron acosta says:

that thumbnail looks like he's on the toilet

jeremiah deniega says:

the reason why it looked so flat when transfered it to the computer is you enable HDR10+ on the camera setting, that means when you share videos with hdr10+ enable you'll have a very flat video look. try and disable it on the settings menu. thank me later. also turn off the Sharing HDR10+ mode on the gallery settings.

Shane G says:

Wide angle is definitely needed on iPhone 📱

Safwan Jamie says:

340th like.
Much Love.
Notification Squad

Fake News Serpents says:

San Francisco is a dirty city, ruled by Homeless Mobs

sowmya says:

Do u want natural photographs go for apple,,, do u want over saturated, extra colour adding photographs go for "SS" Saturated Samsung.

SergioPlayz says:

That "de-saturated" look of the video at 7:32 is actually a really great feature! The phone recorded it in what is referred to as "flat mode" and the reason it looks like that is it allows you to assign your own color correction profiles without battling the color profile that the phone would have otherwise already assigned.

Alex A says:

Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fk wit..

sharpshooter740 says:

I just came here to say the thumbnail is very unflattering and you guys should change it thanks

Youtube Nick says:

8:57 shut yo bubble gum dumb dumb😂

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