iphone X vs RED – Hollywood Movie Camera

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Potato Jet says:

Thanks for entering everyone! The winner of the iPhone 7+ is MTM-DM! 🎄 iPhone 7+ coming at ya!

Denzel Glenn says:

Cool project

Karanveer Singh says:

love you sir

00_Internet_User says:

Already can tell the difference by looking at the depth of field and the noise on low light

Muhammad Asad says:

Anybody's up to exchange my kidney with RED?

Charles Mills says:

Camera one iPhone x some pixelation
Camera two red

ArduinoBen says:

Roast me all you want but on a 1080p screen most of the shots looked pretty similar, I actually thought the Jeep shot looked better on the iPhone.

LiPe190 MCPE says:

Google pixel 3 XL vs Red

EmsVlog says:

I shoot on the iPhone and my videos don’t look tooooo bad 🤷🏽‍♂️

LoFi_tv says:

1st cam is iPhone
2nd is RED

Reason: RED shoots in RAW which give a duller more plain/bland image specifically to allow more editing capabilities post shoot. Really is great for profession footage. But if you are a vlogger/streamer/don't have time, skill or patience to edit the dont use the RED for that.

CoOkNoOk by Reji Arshad says:

https://youtu.be/HjXMuekcHf4 plsss subscribe frndsss

Kirill Scirocco says:

Chenge the sensor to 16k from NASA 😋

Cole's Crafts says:

The low light gave it away

Sandvall says:

The highlights where blown on the first and there was more bokeh on the 2nd one

Donovan Tyler says:

The first few shots due to overexposure

Jeremy Adams says:

Legit both side by side unedited I honestly thought the iPhone video was going to be the red camera… I'm impressed!

Alex Brennan says:

It's sooo obvious which one is the iphone

Jackson Cloud says:

I liked the X better

Progress for America says:

Both clios were raw? Or was one touch up?

Progress for America says:

So this is RAW right?

Peter Apostolakis says:

Now lets compare bike to a Lamborghini

Syed Asad says:

red blur out the background thats why i love the red camera

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