iPhone X vs DSLR – Side by Side Comparison!

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Camera: http://amzn.to/2FbQB2n
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Haidee Sibayan says:

I choose DSLR

Prince Ammar says:

DSLR the best

Randy Robinson says:

I thought the iphone x had stabilization built in ?

netjunkie9 says:

The DSLR footage is overexposed.

Sai says:

Why is he annoying

Nathan Jimenez says:

People who complain about extra wieght are just a bunch of pussies

gomgomboy says:

i dont have expensive stuff like u, i shoot with that i have, samsung s8plus and sony a5100 with kit lens and a cheap $80 mieke 35mm f1.7, after i saw my footages i gave 0 fuck about getting the comparison, im happy with what i have atm

Claudio Parra says:

dslr, all the way

CM Entertainment says:

Hey David could you sub to my channel

Aidan Films says:

(Previously "The Mineshaft") Awesome video David! Yeah it's pretty crazy how good our phones cameras really are! Keep up the great work! 🙂

jovani playz says:

It's David time

Ayesha Ali says:

Wow David Very good Camera The Canon 70D Price is $1,500 Dollars Less? This is Massive

Better & Better says:

Yes, pretty sure it will be. That thing is stable as hell.

JP Jason says:

Nice video david, you should do more vlogs now

Y8 KELVIN says:

DSLR is better

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