iPhone X vs 8 Plus Camera Comparison

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AppleInsider compares the cameras on Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus devices. The telephoto lens on iPhone X gets a pretty impressive upgrade!


Lota Aroo says:

Should i buy the I phone x or I phone 8 plus help me please

Thhalyya Maartynez says:

Which one makes your face less fat on selfie mode lol

The Real Craig says:

It’s funny because you’ll NEVER really be able to tell the difference unless you’re a professional photographer, even then you will have a hard time. Just like the phones features.

João Paulo Toledo says:

The 8 plus looks better

Sophia Attifu says:

iPhone x camera vs Google pixel 4

Aman Singh says:

Much love from india.😇😇🙂

Dark Panda says:

I like the iphone x way more and its not expensive in 2020 only 400 or 500 refurbished or used

Fulldrunker says:

x is better

Kendy Richard says:

No difference really

Hapy Putra Pambudi says:

Thank you very much 😁😁

Miss Marjorie says:

Wow very good comparison

kinachahue says:

For the cost of these over priced gadgets, I expected already stabilized lenses in the 8 plus. Perhaps they should have talked with Olympus in 2012.

Yo Listen up says:

I’m happy with my purchase I have the iPhone 8 Plus ✌🏼

Tally Shardz says:

I love how you presented this lol

Dionysis Mouratidis says:

@AppleInsider What kind of camera do you use for that kind of video? The quality is awesome!!!

estefania jimenez says:

Excellent video, thank you so much, greetings from Colombia.

Danny -boy says:

Ummm. Why does the X look blurry compared to the 8 plus..?? Maybe it’s just me..??🤔

Girl Power says:

Whattt??? French subtitle???

kishore kumar says:

To be honest 8 plus is has better camera 👍

Sebastian Bartolo says:

4:19 note 8 WTF

lowkey karma says:

i have the 8 plus but i’m gonna buy an x.

GOTAGO 13 says:

Don’t take selfie anymore 😂👍😉

SIXEYE says:

I just bought the iphone 11 pro max and the front camera is terrible I’m returning it tomorrow and replacing it with an Iphone 8 Plus

lea ace says:

I have iPhone X do you think I should get the iPhone 11 ?

The Awkward Novice says:

You didn’t mention what resolution and frame rate you’re using.

koussxx says:

so I ordered my 8 plus but it didn’t come … so I’m getting iPhone XR.
All iPhones are technically the same, if you have xr you could get a third party app to just make the lighting better. If you are stuck between the two, think, do I want Touch ID or do I want Face ID ? With Touch ID if your fingers are greasy and you want to unlock your phone, it’s a bit of a sticky situation, with Face ID all you have to do is put your face close to your phone. Both are great phones and I was stuck between the two, but I realised when more Apple phones come out, 8 plus will be downgraded first. So if you want your home button, choose the 8 plus, if you don’t mind , get the xr.

HugoVal0 says:

Thanks 4 this video, I’ll get the iPhone X because of the stabilization

hobikook says:

8 plus better

Bob Oznek says:

Either im crazy or the 8+ > x except for videos

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