iPhone SE VS Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Comparison!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the new iPhone SE and the Galaxy S20.
Throughout this video you will be able to check out a bunch of daytime pictures, night time pictures, sample videos and of course selfies!
Let me know what you think about these two phones!

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Yaniv says:

i hate to agree with it but the se camera is better on social medias like tiktok instagram snapchat because android is trash on that category

Cupi Cupi says:

Samsung camera is better in selfies, you like more younger, and potrait camera. But in the video i prefer iphone

anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary says:

Samsung S20 king winner camera

sam deng says:

a $399 phone that you have to charge every 3 hours how kind apple is LOL

Salas Zamorano says:

Thanks for your efforts
I had a camera update at April for s20 plus and I notice it changed the image look .it reduce the over sharp and contrast too much and make the photo like s10 plus specially the hdr

Mastergrey Skull says:

Night mode& Deep fusion could have made the SE killer!

Nissan Madar says:

How are you Alex

One plus 8, did you forget it?
Anyway thanks so much for the comparison.

Rj Sonu Vlogs says:

GoPro hero 8 📷 camera vs new iPhone SE

Ronnie King says:

Why are you looking more fair in Galaxy A20

Daniel Castillo Romero says:

Can you test neural cam in iPhone SE 2020? It adds night Mode to the camera and eliminate the poor photos in night.

Mr Tee says:

Samsung by a mile in this one. But is it worth over double the price? That is the question

chandan das says:

Am I the only one who like your video without watching the full video. You are great in case of camera quality review of mobile or action camera.

pramer 10 says:

front camera and microphone while using front camera is better on the SE, everything else is s20. this comparison is not fair for the SE anyway cause the price difference is huge
edit: i think the SE should be compared to the A71, A51, oneplus 7, s10, and any phones that cost about 400 dollars right now

KaZet says:

SE2020 has really good camera 👌

Thaie Duo says:

Please make a camera comparison between iPhone SE and Pixel2 🙏

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