iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 Camera Comparison! Are They The Same?

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imagine being happy says:

for u what is the best camera between x xr and a71 ?

PolaroidD says:

Jimmy Neutron all grown up

JAC Carrillo says:

No problem if the iPhone se lacks night mode just buy NeuralCam for 5 bucks 💵 and you’ll be good to go.!

GarbanzoBeans says:

I just ordered the new iphone se last week and we had a problem so it took longer but it shipped yesterday and it should be here in a couple days, super excited!

Mark Zhang says:

Here’s what you are wrong: the SE does shoot 1080p 240fps slow motion and 4K 60fps in high efficiency mode. This is clearly labeled in the “Formats” section of the camera setting.

Xrzysiek says:

Did you know portrait mode is so advanced on the SE2020 it's working even when you play movie on the YouTube and switch the portrait mode at the face or when you move your camera at the picture

kempegouda14 teslm says:

Wow sir love you . Nice job

Rehanga Gamage says:

With every video I watch, it becomes harder for me to choose between the SE 2020 and the Pixel 4a

Theo GT says:

On the iPhone SE and older models, the percentage is next to the battery icon, so you can see how much percent is left in the battery. With my iPhone 11, there is no percentage next to the battery icon, which is a pity.

yotsuba says:

Really great video with lots of comparisons and random I never say this ever but the music played toward the end half of the video was kinda nice lol kinda reminds me a little of From time by Drake.

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Augusto Lugo says:

It looks so good, but that tiny, tiny screen and dated look is a big letdown.

NAYER Abu Soud says:

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