iPhone SE vs. Galaxy A51 camera comparison

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Both phones cost $400, but the Samsung Galaxy A51 has four rear cameras, while the iPhone SE has just one. Find out how they compare on image quality when it comes to taking landscape, portrait, macro and night photos.

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Lexy Savvides says:

Hey everyone! Thanks for watching. The A51 just launched in the US (it's been out for a while elsewhere in the world) . Let me know what phone you want me to compare against the iPhone SE next 👇

Ramu Yr says:

I have a Galaxy A51 and the phone lags lags and lags
and Call of duty force quits frequently. I regret for buying that phone
the display is good tho.
you can watch YouTube and Whats app with this phone. Nothing much

Anice Mauti says:

yah with the galaxy can see your wrinkles much more easily


In india A51 just 350 dollors and for iphone se 560 dollors 🤭

SammyT says:

The A51 sells for much less than the iPhone SE in every country both phones are sold; the proper $400 Galaxy to compare to the SE is the 10e, which is now selling for close to the SE everywhere I checked.

Jamil Tan says:

A51 is garbage in terms of camera and updates🤮
Se is garbage on battery and bezel

Josh Dollins says:

iPhone build quality and iOS ftw

Bear says:

Why are there nothing but Indians in the comment section? We get it, iPhone is more expensive in your country. Just shut up already!

BLACKlight.4 you says:

display, and design comparison is ok but speed,camera and Durability Naaah😎😎

Jahwall Octave says:

The se has a better camera

Ravi Kumar Raftar says:


Bible Thumber says:

iPhone SE 2020 !!! 👍😎👍❤️

Nesie Rewoh says:

A51 is NT$9999 in Taiwan, and ip se about NTD12k so.. is not in same level

Cool Kid says:

iPhone Win the head to head

Mzwandile Harmans says:

SE has high quality camera, flagship cameras. A51 has more options but poor quality. I prefer the SE

Sourabh Chikode says:

Hey Lexy , please compare the cameras of following two phones. Specifications comparison of latest Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth 5G ($300) vs iPhone SE 2020 ($400):

Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth 5G ($300, April 28 , 2020 launch date):

1. 5G cellular network
2. 6.57 inch AMOLED Display with HDR+ support (800 nits peak brightness)
3. 6GB RAM and 64 GB internal Storage.
4. Snapdragon 765G (with internal cooling)
5. Quad camera setup : 48 MP primary, 8 MP telephoto with 5X optical zoom, 8 MP wide angle, 2MP macro.
6. 16 MP Front Camera.
7. 4160 MAh battery with 22 watt fast charging.
8. Dual SIM – actual 2 sim card slots.
9. 3.5 mm HEADPHONE JACK 😳, NFC.
10. BRAND NEW DESIGN ( not recycled old phone design )
11. Fingerprint under display.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 ($400, April 15, 2020 launch date):

1. 3-4 year OLD recycled phone DESIGN.
2. 4G cellular network.
3. 4.7 inch LCD display (not full HD)
4. 64 GB internal Storage (maybe 3GB RAM)
5. A13 Bionic Chip
6. Single camera setup : 12 MP
7. Front Camera: 7 MP
8. 1821 MAh battery, fast charging upto 18 Watt.
9. Wireless charging available
10. Dual SIM: one physical slot + electronic sim.
11. NFC available ( NO HEADPHONE JACK )
12. IP 67 water resistant.
13. Fingerprint on home button.

Xiaomi Company founded in 2010 , where as Apple Launched iPhone in 2007.

Also, Xiaomi net worth USD $46 Million and Apple net worth is USD $1Trillion.

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