iPhone SE Camera Review – Best Camera in the Segment?

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Samarth Singh says:

I think Pixel 3a is still better in photos.

Ajith Kumar says:

whatever it may be, what's the point of getting 4" device with 1,800mah battery for 43k? even jiophone has 2000 mah battery for 600rupees. SE2020 didn't went well in battery drop testing tho.
for camera centric people, get the DSLR for 30k, and buy the device with SD730 series chip with remaining money.
5 years update, 4 years durability, and everything claimed by apple are FAKE, they are just luring you into apple ecosystem with this expensive trash. don't fall for the urban bait, enjoy the rural freedom.!!

Narendra Yeldhuti says:

Bro try to make a video on laptops on all price ranges as all need it for work from home nowadays

pravin murthy says:

Thanks for being frank to say the sheer sharpness n low light performance is behind mordern day Android competition..

Aniket Naik says:

Is it practical phone in India at a price of 42k ?

Sree Visakh says:

Does any android phones can match up to this camera under 40k

Hari Krishnan says:

How about more comparison with neural camera app for night mode with iPhone 11 camera night mode?

Jacob Medina says:

Clicked on the video , can’t understand this guy mate.

R Kumar says:

Whose are the people there

Snehdeep Sanu says:

Great video as always 👍

Nalini Karkera says:

Worst phone of 2020

Kartik Soni says:

This isnt india, and you are in india how are you giving this camera samples as review then?

Chandrasekaran Palraj says:

Nice explanation bro keep it up 👍👍👍👍

Abhineet Singh says:

That Red color is dope.
Wonderful camera shots
But since iPhone is coming at a high price compared to U.S. I am really disappointed

Love RevAtlas

tamil whatsapp status videos daily nk says:

super bro…super video bro…

RevAtlas says:

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Technical Little Master says:

But can it beat poco X2??

Milan jeswani says:

Which One has better camera performance – iphone se 2020 or Samsung s10 lite.?? Pls reply.

Clement's Tech. Mv says:

Iphone se dynamic range is just stunning it uses same 2nd gen smart hdr same as iphone 11
And all in all the video recording is as good as iphone 11 ,iphones are the king in video recording, simply iphone se is the best vedio recording in the segment and above np doubt
*Video recording , 4K 24,30,OR 60 FPS
*Optical image stabilization for video
*Stereo recording
*Support quick take video

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