iPhone SE Camera Review: As Good as iPhone 11?

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Can the 2020 iPhone SE’s camera system stand up to the more expensive iPhone 11? Let’s compare the photos and videos and find out!

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Krishnapalsinh Virpara says:

Great camera comparison and your girlfriend is too cute.

Muhammad Amry Sahrir says:

Iphone SE color in the thumbnail look dope af

Jake Rogers says:

I love using the new SE, especially with the apps FOCOS, NueralCam, and Filmic Pro. Makes it perform like an $800 phone

Tech Barn says:

Great Video!!! Road to 1 mill here you come

Andrew Welsh says:

Hey Mark, Great Video! I was wondering what your take is on the 2020 MacBook Air? Specifically the i7 version with 16 GB RAM. I have a Surface Book 2 but wanted to get back to a Mac. I don’t edit photos or videos so the pro may be overkill. I just use the office suite and excel. And some light music production.

ChrisKadaver says:

I wonder if the limitation to smart HDR in 4K60 has to do with software only or if it has anything to do with the lens capability? Maybe filmic pro or moment could allow smart HDR in 4K60 as well? If you wanna do a lot of filming the iPhone SE otherwise would be a great choice. Just turn it into a frankensteins monster with a battery case and a lot of attachable lenses and ND-filters? :p

Ash R says:

Demn you is youtube famous xD

ItzGreytonic X says:


Hussain Niazi says:

Great video im gonna buy se

Deon Soto says:

I always love the dope intro Mark!🎶 I hope you stick with it for awhile. Black color iPhones! 🖤💯👌🏼

Great video as always!👍🏼

Jett Sioson says:

How much do you make from these videos?

James Green says:

Good review. I am starting to get interested more at the new generations of small midrange phones direction for my next one, but it must have flagship one front / rear lens snapper ability. I see how this will sell but also so much room for Google to clean up if they don't skimp on the camera hardware. Falls way short for me.

Ken Matharoo says:

How do you have 32k and still get so disrespectfully slept on 🔥🔥🔥

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