iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 Camera Comparison Test!

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iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 Camera Comparison Test
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TechDaily says:

Picture & Video Samples Start At 05:17 😅 iPhone SE is the best camera at $400 don't @ me
iPhone SE 2020 now on Amazon: https://geni.us/vTBnmUF
iPhone XR Discounted (Amazon): https://geni.us/fXfrvup

Brandi Sisk says:

Nice video. What’s the name of the song you unused when showing the pictures?

Alex Relax says:

hey bro.. hope someday you will make a camera comparison between the latest galaxy A51 against the pixel 3a XL.. both are price under $400.. and im considering buying between the phones with the best camera😊

Mzwandile Harmans says:

sE looking great

Harold Tejares Dela Rita says:

Sir! Can you give me one pieces of your iphone sir.

Thanh Le Duc says:

good comparison but the iphone se does has the square mode in the extension of the photo mode and it also can change the frame to 16:9. sorry for my english if i made a mistake

Seemanalin Gaur says:

Please please compare the galaxy m31 with iPhone se 2020 and if possible the XR

ChrisKadaver says:

You uploaded this video in 1080p? :s
Can the iPhone SE take photos in 16:9?

Chris Harvey says:

Superb video 👌

shagun bhatia says:

Are these pictures taken with or without filters?

Ross says:

Good review. Thanks

Muhd Hafizuddin says:

I'm now using honor 20 pro. Should I choose ip se 2020 as my daily driver?

Joben Apple says:

Ugh im late again 😫😭

John Andrew A. Blanco says:

Can you compare it to 7 plus and 8 plus?

Hodi Gaming says:

By looking at Final Results I say that other phones like Nokia, Samsung, Pixel are much better picture takers
They capture Nature Images, More details, great dynamic range, Night mode and many other features too
Idk but i think apple takes crap pictures just like they make trash phones

Romi says:

The extra depth sensing camera on the Xr doesn't seem to help with front portrait mode much at all. I really like your voice btw

Bhikkhu says:

I'm so torn between a new SE and a used XR 😩
Slightly better camera over better battery life?

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