iPhone SE (2020) vs. iPhone 11: Camera comparison

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The new iPhone SE has the same processor as the iPhone 11, which brings Smart HDR and Portrait Mode to the $399 budget iPhone. We wanted to see how the iPhone SE and its single rear camera compares against the $699 iPhone 11 and its dual-rear camera. And it’s not as straightforward as it might seem.

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Zakk Poptani TV says:

You should gift me the iPhone se! 😭

Munawar Salim says:

for the price it is the best. i mean you cant get this video quality even from $1000 android phones

Marks Honest Reviews & Health Tips says:

Great video really helped me choose between this and the Pixel – I guess I am leaving Apple 😳

Un Deadly says:

he's like a portly Vizzini

TheBluGummy says:

All these guys saying small phones are old and big phones are the future should look at how big cell phones were in the 90’s…..I argue that big phones are a step back

Bible Thumber says:

Ok “To be fair you can’t test the iPhone SE against things it doesnt have” then you proceed to do just that many times. I think the last review you did on this phone was much more fair. If I want to take professional or extreme quality photos I carry my Sony a6000 , but it’s such a bummer that it doesnt send text messages or make calls…

Mohammad Hajbeh says:

Great review! I enjoyed watching the video 🙂

Tech1Tv says:

iPhone SE 2020 wins. $300 less, Touch ID, no stupid notch, iPhone 11 quality is only about 5% better. No big deal

Emmanuel Celajes says:

Hey, can night mode be achieved through software update????

Wayne W1 says:

Bottom line, I can get this for my 9 year old and functionally he’ll be fine. He won’t be able to win a popularity contest or have FaceID but man would he be alright. And I save $300!

Eli Ulman says:

Was this a repost?

chckycrk says:

Did you do your own B-roll as well?

Michael Brown says:

Battery on the SE is horrible. Way worse than Pixel 3a. I bet you had to stop shooting and charge the SE. I had the SE and noticed that with using the screen 3 hours taking photos, listening to music, and/or playing games and the SE completely dies.

iPhone SE isn't worth it in my opinion.

Totemia says:

Love that you made this comparison! I was actually torn between these two models just because of the camera 🥰

যমালয়ে জীবন্ত মানুষ says:

Poor Battery🙁

IO IO says:

You should not going outside Patrick you will be caught by policemen 🤯

Antoine says:

Any new phone is a waste of money.

Út trần Florida says:

I have iPhone 11 very good I like it

Thomas Strider says:

Can you do huawei P40 vs iPhone 11 when p40 is for sale

Zachary says:

Excellent job.

David CD says:

The tech companies are corrupt and have sold out the West! They send jobs to CHI-NA and give them our data. Stop buying their rehashed [email protected] You don't need to upgrade your phones every year anyways.

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