iPhone SE (2020) vs Galaxy S10: Camera Comparison!

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Karen Milagros24 says:

why does the se make you look orange?

ItsWirax says:

Are you Bulgarian haha looks a lot like Bulgaria where you are filming

Spotify Lucky says:

I bought the SE over the s10 do you people think it was worth it

tom l says:

Did your iPhone die during shooting? Thing has a tiny battery

tom l says:

Did your iPhone die during shooting? Thing has a tiny battery

rezoan nazib says:

I loved the way you explained it. cheers

Brooklynn Garcia says:

I have both of these phones because I can't choose.

Gyula Budai says:

Dxomark result: Iphone SE 101 points, S10 114 points these are realistic tests, not sponsored by apple. In Europe S10 is cheaper with the same size of storage.

CyberDasherXD says:

does the s10 have the may 1 update?

Jits Johal says:

Great job on the video. Very informative!

Lotfi Mosbah says:

Iphone 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬💩💩🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Samsung ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Mike N says:

I wouldn't be upset if you did an S10 vs LG V60 camera comparison.

Peter Dang says:

Damn the iPhone Se front camera dynamic range is so much better

F L U K E says:

S10 camera : saturation very fake

Sasha Clarke says:

I have both phones that I'm currently using as well!

I've always been a Droid gal, but loving that the IPhone has stamped time my location(s), when I was in danger!!!

But 📷 can be cropped for your desired look, so….

Use your own judgment!

RV112 says:

I got to say although the S10 is good, iOS is very fluid and polished in terms of software albeit restrictive. The one major thing here is the Ferrari engine they stuck in the iPhone, it will get updates for many years. Samsung, a couple versions of android when they feel like it. Samsung is good now but iPhone will continue to be good later on. My iPhone 6 was solid until I sold it 6 months ago.
I have an S10 5g now because the iPhone XS had serious data issues through LTE or WiFi so I like to think I'm unbiased as I like both android and apple software.

1Eluzai says:

Those saying the S10 did better are being fooled by your bias. I don't own an iPhone haven't in years but, the SE did better. S10 camera exaggerates everything.

N S says:

Dude, your video was good but I really want to know which location is this? The place is awesome

Stewart MacInnes says:

Excellent comparison, thanks for taking the time. By the way – what are the lights in the sky at 9:28? If these are stars that is great performance – but they don't look like stars?

Supermommam XD says:

I don't know why I feel adore to the way you test the camera. 🤣 I didn't skip or speed up it which is rare to my YouTube behaviour.

Ali Ahmad says:

Dinamyc range in iPhone is crazy good _ but background is very highlighted ,
I wish update come to my favourite phone #S10+ and fix these crazy bad things

Neil Fordan says:

Iphone SE definite has better audio capture

[GD] Fiddle Fun says:

The iPhone SE seems to have an autofocus issue while recording. It's jittery and looks awful.

Cheong Ph says:

Versatility wins, A13 on SE is simply overkilled. Who would need it as if people constantly changes phone around 2-3 years.

Ankish Chaudhari says:

S10 defiantly has an edge not because of I own it… You missed to show some spectacular live focus mode especially the one with complete blank and white background… You should try it out!! I have S10+, might be missing in S10.

Mzwandile Harmans says:

S10 over exposed day time video and dynamic range was poor, sky over exposed as you were walking towards the beach but nice to have those ultra wides. iPhone delivered better quality video but no ultra wide.
Portraits s10 over exposed and SE exposed very well but edge detection wasn’t perfect as visible when zoomed in, still SE portraits were usable compared to galaxy where surfaces and hands were just over exposed and appearing plain white. Night videos one was better at something and other at another. Quality wise is SE but versatility is galaxy

Matheus Vonheld says:

where is this place 2:21?

Igor says:

samsung for most photos , night shots, (*surprisingly) video recording. iPhone for selfie and portrait shots. But then you add in the 3 cameras and wide selfie cam, you have to hand the win to s10.

*I was surprised because iPhones are always touted to have the best video recording.

Aung Phyoe says:

How many year of update you still can get it from S10 if you buy today?

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