iPhone SE 2 Unboxing and Initial Camera Test! The New Standard Camera?!

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The iPhone SE 2 is exciting for a couple of reasons. One being that its got a lot of the same technology from the Apple flagship phones and this should be able to do amazing things but at a fraction of the cost.

Today we’re going to unbox it and take that camera for an initial spin!

So how does it hold up?

Lets find out!

iPhone SE 2
https://www.apple.com/iphone-se/ (not affiliate)

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Main Camera

Main Lens

Secondary Camera

Secondary Lens

Main Audio

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Denise Felarca says:

I wanted to upgrade my iphone 7 since its broken but i didnt want to upgrade to an iphone 11 because im comfortable having the home button but also i wanted the camera of the iphone 11 and apple thankfully released iphone se 2020 thank god! Also it has a home button touch id and iphone 11 cam

Corgi Chan says:

iPhone sexy edition….

밍밍이 says:

I want to buy a iphone se2 right now !!

Harrison Hacon says:

600 dollars Canadian

buckyphoria says:

hey, wheres love?

Cindy vebe says:

How about se 2 and xr or 11 camera comparison

Hrutik yadav says:

how dumb can you be to not look at the pull tab, tf man dude using a knife

ItsLewis says:


eryll bagaoisan says:

Are u kidding ? U dont need knife to open that. There has a pull tab in the side lol

Mobile Legends Fan Page says:

I love you Garry 😁
Cute personality 😍

lil lebz says:

At least give us AirPods with the phone !

TechnicalJass says:

Osm video bro

GBLynden's RC says:

I like tapping things too lol

Geaux Ann Gibson says:

I am the person this phone is made for!
I just ordered mine and I'm so excited.
I wanted the newest tech in a retro vibe presentation.

I don't like the edge to edge screen.
I like a smaller device and the budget point is perfect.
I don't like face is.
I miss touch id.

I'm going from a iPhone X to the SE 2.

I like the smaller screen as well.

Will update on Friday when I pick it up from Best Buy!

Ibnu 's says:

SE 2 or Xr…which one is better?

RandomIndies says:

Its not less than $400 😂

Unless you somehow get it without taxes or shipping…..

Victoria D'Amelio says:

The fact that its $600 in Portugal is sad

sointu100 says:

I have the "original" iPhone SE. Really like it as a phone (camera isn't that great, though, but for the price ok). What really has been a problem (to the point of being a deal breaker) is the battery. In colder weather (even with temperatures above freezing) it easily shuts down/drains the battery in an instant. It has always done that, even as a new phone but nowadays more extreme than ever (battery life nowadays is horrible in any condition really). Would be interesting if there has been any improvement in terms of battery life on the 2020 version of the SE.

Jevon Alixx says:

Well I still can’t afford that phone, btw great video and camera test

Luddepudde9 says:

In America it’s cost 399$ and I liv in Sweden and her it’s cost 5495kr and that’s = 545$

Tomy You says:

I don like dis phone ihone 11 pro is the BEST

Da Design'er says:

you got it fast bro 😍😍

Danielle Gentner says:

Its everything we NEVER wanted. That is not an SE. It's also not what the people were asking for. I will only buy it if the price drops to $100.00.

Gold Tech says:

Outdoor videos look beautiful and great

L'impensable says:

You looks like moriarty in Sherlock holmes

Arpaban Daimary says:

Don, t copy unboxing therapy!!

extra acc says:

dude sound like mopi from 2hype👀😭

World of Tanks best replays says:

Almost same price as oneplus 7 pro so I will gonna skip that iphone SE

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