iPhone 8 Plus vs GH5 Pro – 4K 60FPS Comparison

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AppleInsider compares 4K 60fps video captured on an iPhone 8 Plus and Panasonic’s GH5 mirrorless camera, with an eye on image quality, colors, noise, low-light, dynamic range and optical image stabilization.


Salah says:

Can you please do comparison with one of the newer phones (note10, iPhone 11)?
I was planning to get a mirrorless for 4k footage (a6400 or X-30). But it seems I might as well just get a high end smartphone instead.
Again I'm speaking about 4K video quality.

Mark Gingrass says:

I find with the iPhone I do best when I turn it on airplane mode and shut off WiFi. If you get a phone call during the shoot, it could cause an issue. Same thing with notifications, etc. My question is this, which camera is better for recording for hours on end? Sure, the iPhone can record great video. But can it record for say 2 hours straight? Can this camera do it? I'm just curious. How about batter life?

Robert Marcos Studios says:

I think the iPhone looked much sharper. But 4k always seems "soft" to me.

Mzwandile Harmans says:

Well Apple has the excellent video quality on their phones than any other phone out there, but some phones might have better stabilization, but video quality is apples thing. iPhones 8/ plus and x are the very first smartphones in the world to shoot 4k60fps and Apple still taking that victory over those s10s and huaweis. Must see the cinematic videos from apple phones owww amazing

Einar Jungmann says:

Does iPhone 8 plus record 4K 60 and 30 with optical stabilization ? (I am asking because in some review some dude said records just 1080p)

Fauzan Rivaldy Syarif says:

Poor GH5 🙁 can't call my mom and facetime with my bae.

thewilythylacine says:

How improved would the quality on the iPhone be if instead of using the limited 50mbs bit rate native camera app you used something that allows for a higher bit rate like Filmic Pro or Moment?

Something_to_appease_Google says:

When shooting in 1080 30p, the iPhone bit rate is around 10 mbps. When shooting at 2160 60p the bitrate jumps to around 110 mbps. Unless 110 mbps isn't enough for 4k, the sensor is probably dogshit. Could you list the bitrate the Panasonic camera records in?

HPRshredder says:

Bottom line: if you plan on shooting extensive video for years, just get a camera. If you’re just dicking around, you’re better off just using your phone.

other tomperson says:

The iPhone 8 is obviously not as good. However, I think it's now good enough that as far as the average person messing around on YouTube is concerned, there's no real impetus to use any device but the one you happen to already have in your pocket.

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