iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review

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This is my camera review of the iPhone 7 Plus.
With wide aperture of f/1.8, OIS and the dual lenses, the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is better than any of the previous generation iPhones.
Check out the video for lot of image and video samples, and my thoughts about this camera.

Buy iPhone 7 Plus: http://fkrt.it/y67db!NNNN

Gear that I use: https://kit.com/tecworkz/my-setup

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PEPAY TV says:

I'm saving now for my gift to my self, i never celebrate my bday ever since.sooo i guest i deserve

FaZe secrets says:

His voice🤣🤣🤣

Muhammad Aliyu says:

Really amazing

Lalai says:

any 5s squad out here? 🙋🏻‍♀️


i want to buy iphone but my parents cant afford it. We're poor 😞

Lauren M says:

Ok I am going to get this iPhone 7 I’ve been stuck with iPhone 6s for 3-4 yrs and it’s rly bad. The only one I would get apart from that is iPhone 8 Plus. Saving up till my bday and will hopefully have one (my bday is in less than 3 months)

zahia BEM2020 says:

2020 anyone ?


1 month to go Iphone 7+ here we go💖😍

IonicHoundeth says:

Should I get a Used Version of this? (Will replace the battery) or a Samsung a20?

Angry Army says:

Bro link to dedeta iphone ki amazone

Aloking Music says:

Anyone watching today

Vaishnavi Gavande says:

Hey I have iphone 7 plus it’s selfie camera is nt good as compared to front camera front cAmera is class

K.M. Arif says:

I have nothing toooo say

Shin Iya says:

I'm going to buy a new phone but idk what phone? Redmi note 8 pro or iPhone 7 plus?!

WanYande Adzo Writes says:

I’ll be getting mine tomorrow.
Can’t wait.

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