iPhone 7: Most Detailed Camera Review On The Planet!

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Hello there everyone and welcome to the iPhone 7 Camera Review. The most detailed camera review on the planet! The iPhone 7 camera comes with a 12MP iSight camera with 1.8 Aperture and shoots up to 4k video. The front camera of the iPhone 7 is a 7MP iSight camera and shoots in up 1080p. There is so much this camera offers its user and in this video we will find out everything that you need to know about it. Additionally, we will look at many samples of the camera taken throughout the city of Chicago. The intentions of this video are clear and that is to help you to decide if this is going to to be the camera phone for you. If you enjoyed this content please be sure to like it and share this video. Subscribe to the channel for more videos like this. Thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

iPhone 7 4K Video Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgTxDEqhr9Y


Specifications/hardware/software: 0-12:57
Macro Shots Daytime: 12:58-13:56
Macro Shots Indoor: 13:57-14:39
Everyday Outdoor Shots: 14:40-16:03
Multiple Zoom Shots Day and Night:16:04-17:32
Indoor Shots: 17:33-18:08
Timelapse/Slow Motion/Video Fun: 18:09-19:18
Multiple Video Examples (1080P)- 19:19-24:38
Selfie Front Camera in Day and Night: 24:39-25:07
Night Time Shots: 25:08-25:36
Panorama Shots and Samples: 25:37-26:01
Closing: 26:01-End

Thank you for watching, much appreciation and gratitude 🙂 Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment section be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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Sherwin florendo says:

2020 and still dreaming for my first iPhone 😔

David Fish says:

Hey, I grew up in Woodstock so it was nice to see the city again. Thanks for all the help. I'm new at this I phone stuff so I need lots of help. Please wear a helmet! See ya, Fish

Ithila Rathnayake says:

Nick which phone have better camera.
1-samsung galaxy A50s
2-Iphone 7

Charlie Findlay says:

First photos 12:53

Syed Muqtadar says:

I love u .i love ur eyes u did well u r hardwork and u r so possessive with ur work u work with ur heart everything was perfect i will give 1000 marks and 200% love u

Abdul Reheman says:

veri nice phone

Guy Harper says:

No insult intended, but let's get real. When you want good pictures, there is no substitute for a good camera. Apple telephones are mediocre cameras for people who will settle for mediocre pictures. Also, a 'camera' review by someone who doesn't seem to know basic photography concepts is comically absurd. It is obvious the reviewer's enthusiasm for his gadget exceeds his knowledge of photography. Sorry, I am not impressed.

Khairuz Zaman says:

I am using iPhone 7…very nice

Aslam Khan says:

Broo iphone 7 blure camera available please reply

Eden Trevino says:

Thank you so much I've been looking for a good video about the iPhone 7 camera so thank you so much

Neha Audi says:

So detailed. Love it

money profit says:

i dont use cases so how i make it not scratch

Noor Fatihah says:

I bought a used one for a decent price. it is great a phone. fasttt good camera…

Faisal Azdi says:

You should use 1080 60fps for doing a video tests mate! It's so much better than 1080 30fps.

Sameer Singh says:

Nice brother

Jeneese Nicholson says:

I'm still so indecisive on which to get tho… the 6s plus or 7!!?? I'm honestly just looking for the better camera. Can you help me decide?

Mon N says:

are u vegan

KEEVVY says:

I disabled 3d touch, unusefull function, may they could had made to change 4k to 1080p directly from app, that would had been a cool function

Mirna Ahmed says:

Which one is more perfect with u iPhone 7 or se??

Danielle Nichole says:

I absolutely love your reviews! Anytime I want to know anything about a phone I’m thinking of getting I always come to your channel because you honestly have the best reviews!😊

alex Cruz says:

Is the I phone 7 jet black 128gb good for games and social media and pictures and apple music ??

Daniel Boujee says:

Please help, basically my iPhone 7 plus front facing camera won't focus on something that is close to it. Is it normal? Please reply!

We Heart Nails UK says:

Fantastic review. Thanks so much!

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