iPhone 11 VS Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Comparison!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the iPhone 11 and the Galaxy S10! It includes daytime and night time videos, daytime and night time pictures including portrait mode pictures and pictures taken with the ultra-wide lenses! Of course there are also some selfies towards the end of the video!
What phone do you think is better? The iPhone 11 or the Samsung Galaxy S10?

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dAnIeL pG says:

Hey ! You contradict all that you record on your own video. Leave your preferences for iPhone and be more objective. S10 is better in all aspects, even price !

Rhenius Abraham says:

iPhone 11 is the best ,S10 is the beast

da5idnz says:

The Samsung seemed to interpret the grass in the videos in a weird way, and it came out like digital noise.

Mohamed_hx says:

Hahhaha my iPhone 7 plus is better than s10 in camera , Especially selfie camera

Elias Rashdy says:

I'm getting confused, can you advice me wich phone I should get for my workout video ?
Thnx on advance 😊

William Shakespeare says:

iPhone is always warmer in colour, and Samsung is the exact opposite.

Christian Joshua says:

Iphone 11 is way better

Avi Rochster says:

Leyton Gaming
Leyton Gaming
לפני 3 ימים
Did you see yourself here that Samsung's colors are better then you haven't written?

ZI KO says:

Samsung microphone look better !

Xcott Boi.called.xcott says:

Samsung’s always make you look pale

Xcott Boi.called.xcott says:

iPhone 11 looks way better idc

chuzzy dan says:

My S10 camera sucks, I always use my iPhone 7 plus to take pictures, so this comparison is useless 😑

Kevin Nicolas NDJEWEL says:

Samsung wins photography

King X Fernando says:

Camera : iPhone 11
Microphone : Samsung Galaxy S10

Susanta Das says:

iphone is king 🔥

Leyton Gaming says:

My Samsung Camera always makes me look pale… I miss the iPhone Camera.

jeferson rodrigues says:

iPhone 11 wins

Руслан ннн says:

Are you Russian or Indian? What a terrible accent?

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