iPhone 11 vs. Pixel 3 vs. Galaxy Note 10 | Camera Comparison

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Apple’s fresh batch of 2019 iPhones, go head to head with Samsung’s mighty Note 10 and Google’s top of the class camera offering with the Pixel 3.
Who has the best camera?



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ABHS says:

You just against pixel I guess . I m using pixel , nothing is as bad as what u said. It is strange for pixel to over expose pictures , as we all know pixel is always best in shooting against light .

Professor says:

0:50 Did you just said iphone has sharper details than note10 in wide angle..? hmm seems interesting 😂

ravi sathe says:

This guy seems like a complete iPhone herd mentality chief. There are so many other test shots that could have been achieved …what happened to photo sphere or tripod based detail analysis of both the phones and the cameras ?

Michael Heath says:

Should of done this review with the Pixel 4 which is out in a few weeks, not a one year old smartphone.

jaime bencomo says:

I don't know, I think pixel it's better in most of the pictures.

Ar Vin says:

Isheep review again.. Plz dont like and watch

Michael Campos says:

Pixel 3 who's with me!

Crunk1979 says:

Ummm no huawei?They have the best cameras, and by very far. Strange to leave them out

carver 9 says:

Is this guy blind or bias? Why does every reviewer give the new phone props over the older models while ignoring the true details of things. I just started this video and I can tell it is going to be complete and utter garbage

I'm Batman says:

I thought its iphone 11 not pro 🙁

soundp says:

I reckon this makes the Pixel 3a camera, practically the same as the Pixel 3 and at least half the price of these phones, the best bang for buck smartphone camera.

Deep Chaggar says:

Let's compare a phone from last year, Pixel 3 XL, to two brand new flagships launched in 2019…and see how they compare, what an unfair comparison and to bring bad light to a product/brand that has a new device coming out within a month. The fact that the device set the standard last year, and with one lense, and these devices are JUST catching up and narrowly beating it with multiple lens – just shows how great the Pixel has been in catching up to these other devices. Looking forward to seeing what the Pixel 4 is going to push forward in the next two weeks.

Alaffy 11 says:

Dishonest reviewer, shot photos with the note 10(regular).
Wide spread problem with all these U.S youtubers. They all use iphones as their main device. When they shoot photos with the note or any other android phone it looks terrible compared to what i see when i take mine on my phone.

Watch TheTechChap, he is an exam of a youtuber who is well versed in both android and ios.

Trollytuff says:

Why review the pixel 3 instead of waiting for the 4?

Bearded Bro says:

The note pictures are just glorious

Treasure M says:

The notes pics looked better

SnapJack says:

Huawei P30 is the best camera

Subash Rox says:

5.33min $1000 iphone edge deduction 😂😂😂😂 and you r still saying iPhone has best camera wonderful

Jayh00 says:

Your comparing two brand new phones with one that's a year old?? Wake up, the Pixel 4 will be announced in about 2 weeks, that's the phone that competes with these other two not the PIxel 3.

假作真時真亦假 says:

"Here we are. This is exactly what we have all been waiting for.”
I’ll just go tell those homeless people that what they are waiting for has just arrived, thanks guys. You really made their day.

Films worlds says:

iPhone 11 pro wins here nice video bro

Santiaggo NL says:

The guys says he's comparing the note 10 plus but he's using a Note 10. They dont have the same hardware regarding the camera, misleading!

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