iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7T Camera Comparison

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OnePlus 7T vs iPhone 11 Camera Comparison

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sallehuddin takal says:

For this time .i just can say yes iphone 11 the winner camera battle .iphone 11 camera more natural than one plus 7t .hope one plus will make better camera perfomance next product

Local boy says:

Video quality wise iphones are always "father of smartphones"

corsinivideos says:

Good comparison, well done, actually give a good clear summary at the end of the best use cases for the cameras on these phones instead of merely saying 'its up to you to decide'. Seen a lot of misinformation out there especially when it comes to iphones lowlight capabilities too, i would completely agree with you that the 7T actually seems like the better performer there.

Marie Hancock says:

I’ve been waiting like a week for the iPhone 11 to go in stock at boost mobile it’s getting annoying idk if I should wait or just buy the xr

Ko6pa says:

Awesome comparison, but lacking video modes comparison (( Thanks!


Apple is best💕💕

Tejas Kumar says:

Please compare Realme X2 pro vs OnePlus 7t camera comparison 😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️

AR 15 says:

Great unbiased review. Thanks

Nikhil Kumar says:

Best of luck with your chinese shit…you never mentioned edges getting blurred on OnePlus 7t which wasn't there in iPhone 11 pics

Guido Lamanna says:

Who else looked in the comments to see if Apple released Night Mode on the ultra wide camera?

Daniel Astillero says:

Oxygen OS should automatically be software point to OnePlus.

Tom Keith Cordero says:

no mention of macro shot capability on 7T?

Vaymonx says:

Mi 9T Pro vs Oneplus 7T

Strutting_strat says:

The 7T has gross face smoothing..as seen in 6:47

Strutting_strat says:

3:27 the 7T blurs the background to a ridiculous almost cartoonish level..and you can't turn it off, that's just built in to the phone.

Sharan Sn says:

One plus 7 t ☕🔥

Mudith Mahendrajith says:

oneplus7t is my choice because its an affordable flagship killer which is half of the price of iphone 11

jonah travisano says:

Great job on the video I hadn’t planned on getting an iPhone and my thought was to get the one +7 when he came out and you kind of confirmed it with his video

Cake Batter says:

iPhone 11 with 128gb storage is $749, $150 more than the 7T. The iPhone has the better camera, but is there a $150 camera difference?

ポールカジャラ says:


Golan lavi says:

Thanks for the review ✔️

John G says:

Oneplus 7t with gcam

mark martinez says:

Why deep fusion was not considered? Its part of the post process of ip11. Unfair.

Raychard Kho says:

For 🤳 indoor or low light the 7T is better. (Front cam). iPhone low light capability is only the main rear camera

Fin Chapo901 says:

Lg G8 and the OnePlus 7t are hands down the best phones out right now 💯💯

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