iPhone 11 VS iPhone XR – Camera Comparison!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the new iPhone 11 and the highly popular iPhone XR! I’ve included, daytime and night time videos, daytime and night time pictures, portrait mode samples and much more!

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iPhone 11 VS Samsung S10 VS Huawei P30 Pro comparison: https://youtu.be/FmAx0khHIJA

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cyd ne says:

I like the iPhone 11 quality but I like to edit my pictures like the xr. I have both phones, still like the xr lol

rushikesh more says:

Which country from you 😉😂

rushikesh more says:

Bravo Bravo 🙌

rajesh khatri says:

I have seen at 1:30, something in sky its look like UFO??

Muhammad Azmi Sihaq says:

In my opinion to the quality of audio Xr better voice sounded loud more than 11, both have a difference striking when caught pictures at night, 11 is the best.

ؘ says:

Where is this place? It's beautiful

Drakula 711 says:


Pop pop says:

I like the colors in xr but stable and less background noise in 11

Rajdeep Das says:

Buy a Iphone XR and a Dslr camera 😀

robert mitchell says:

timmy trumpet

Rex's Den says:

i luv his accnet

Erik Wilyan Almeida says:

🇧🇷Muito boa comparação ajudou muito obrigado 👍

Preeti Nair says:

Is it worth it if I buy a XR right now?

Myth Northen says:

Who cares which Phone has better Camera, as Long as I Know I can't Afford both of Them haha I'm stuck with my iPhone 6 with Cracked Screen…

Денис Хлопков says:

Какой крутой акцент


Who noticed his hair style is like iphone's notch???

Alejandra Mendoza says:

My iPhone is XR

Ricky W says:

Iphone xr is 9/10 with 11
Nice xr

Suamarcos says:

Great review. Thank you for taking the time to make this. Extremely helpful.

Martin OnTheWeb says:

Why not deep fusion tested?

Darius Tânăru' says:

You are a romanian?🙃🥰

aqif rosli says:

Iphone X or XR?

ANJEY Official says:

Next AKm vs sg review

Halil D says:

The XR Frontcam looks so close idk 🙁

Adagio Fortissimo says:

Can i have your xr? I dont have phone to use

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