iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro Real World Camera Comparison! Are They The Same?

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Full camera test comparison between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro video

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TechDaily says:

So glad the iPhone 11 doesn't make me look weird like the XR did 👀 Helpful timestamps:
01:44 Hardware overview
02:13 Samples
04:00 Zoom & Telephoto
06:00 Portrait Pics

reda mohammad says:

iPhone 11 has better colors on portrait

Shadowmusab says:

Thank youuu

rotimi kayode says:

Interesting when you did you selfi the HDR was very different on the pro

Deneesha Morgan says:

I been looking for a video like that I been back and forth trying to figure out what phone I want! I'm going to go with the black iPhone 11…

Ninja Shhh says:

ONE IMPORTANT QUESTION: Does the iPhone 11 pro have a different image stabilization for video than the iPhone 11?
I saw a video that showed that it does and the creator of the video said…yes they do have different… the pro has some sort of dual stabilization.

But nobody else has been able to answer this question including Apple when I called and spoke to a rep that I could tell had no clue either way. Do you know??

Inquisitve m says:

can't wait for your pixel 4 vs iphone 11 pro camera review after Oct. 15th

Roberto Isca says:

I really hope to see a little new comparison with Deep Fusion! 😉👍

ljonathan991 says:

if you have to zoom to take a photo. you’re not doing it right.

maxrockbin says:

Very useful!

Best of Salsa teach says:

Which the best smartphone? Xs max or iph 11? Please help me

Samit Tonoy says:

8:09 A handsome hunk noticed

AndreiB says:

why the iphone 11 photos are sharper than pro ?

CODER QN says:

The video I've been waiting for. Thank you!

Masani says:

Had to subscribe after watching this 👌🏽👏🏼

Marcos Davi says:

I thought that the third camera of IP11 pro would improve portrait mode Thanks for this review.

Marcos Davi says:

I thought that the third camera of IP11 pro would improve portrait mode Thanks for this review.

Blue Glitch says:

I love when Bucky review Tech, Thanks Bucky, Cap will be proud of you 😂😂 😂💚💚

1Eluzai says:

So basically, if you're not into taking pictures, get the iPhone 11.

Areeba Nazir says:

This is possibly the most sensible/helpful review of the new iPhones. 👍🏼

Arz sc says:

One small observation….yellow tint on iphone11 photos…any fix

ShivamKrishn Agrawal says:

You look like a hero bro

One advice just add some background music you'll get more watch time then.

Robert Nuyda Jr. says:

What a great review. Im getting the 11. Thank u


Actually no, the ultra wide on the 11 doesn't have OIS, it does on the 11 Pro

Kek Cheburek says:

Great review, U subscription numbers dont represent the quality of content u put. Please keep up with excellent work my G!

Mzik Chan says:

Check out the link to win an iPhone 11 from MrWhosetheboss and Everythingapplepro…

Dharma Dharo says:

iPhone 11 is small and compact. The new colors like purple and green looks awesome. I got the purple one and applied a back protector from gadgetshieldz.com to keep it protected.

Qing Da Soon says:

Thanks so much for this very useful comparison review. Will you by any chance be able to make another review with the deep fusion update please? It would mean so much, thanks.

Michael Shandor says:

The iPhone 11 relys on the ultra wide and regular camera to take portrait. That’s why it’s not limited to humans anymore. So your incorrect it’s not still strictly software. And also with the pro you can take wide angle portrait just like the regular 11. You have the option for both. Just a couple of inaccuracies. Love your videos.

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