iPhone 11 VS Huawei P30 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S10 – Camera Comparison!

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The ULTIMATE Camera Comparison – iPhone 11 VS Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Huawei P30 Pro!
Throughout this video you will find out everything there is to know about the cameras on these 3 smartphones! Everything from video quality, to EIS, to the Internal microphone sound, Daytime pictures including portrait mode pictures, selfies and much more!

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b16 says:

you sounded like Gru from despicable me but I kinda like it

Samuel Dos Anjos says:

Seu sotaque é legal.
Abraços do Brasil 🇧🇷

Rosy Cárdenas says:

And between those two and the iphone 11 PRO?…..

Mr. Complicated says:

I have never noticed how bad iPhone can record a video. Quallity is nice but the video is liquified. Trees and buildings are moving and changing shapes and it is pretty bad.

planes CZ says:

Good,, inglish"

Nini Mouni says:

IPhone the best

Sully Godfrey says:

I would say samsung

UCCC 2415 says:

All these smartphone manufacturers are taking almost the same photos now, trying to give crazy wide dynamic range but it looks too flat for my taste. I prefer a bit of contrast, rich colour, brighter highlights…. basically images that look more like they came from a stand alone camera. The P30 pro does that better than any at the moment. For me the best for stills.

Valdeci Mamude says:

very good !!!

Dylan Smith says:

iPhone 11 is the clear winner the video is way smoother and the colours more natural. The Samsung is so oversaturated and the front camera is awful.

DragonMaster_DK 3110 says:

iPhone 11 is the best

edzio says:

Apple did great job this year for the camera

Tikus Keriting says:

The thing is you can download pixel camera software… So

nel c says:

More interested in the cover photo lady than the phone.

krsnadas 88 says:

Somehow u remind me of Dr.Gru 🙂

Daman preet singh says:

Your hairstyle is like a notch

tom_crus8126 says:

I love your videos, Redskull. Are you rusian?

Mohanarajan Kumar #Medusa says:

I like your accent 😀

Miko Lee says:

omg someone made a video comparison for p30 pro and iphone 11!! Please advice, I have the p30 pro and I felt the iphone 11 has much better selfies, also the colors were more natural and i find that some details are not lost (unlike the p30 pro).. Do you think i should jump to iphone 11? (many think that its a dumb idea as p30 pro is a great phone, im not sure if its the right one for me) please advice, thanks!

chris the doc says:

man this video is unfair cause the iphone 11 pro have better camera, better recording video, better stabilization and better shots on low light than the iphone 11… i don't understand what you were trying to accomplish here, but this video doesn't make sense….

geenoo kue Kue says:

iPhone 11 color tone is the best i think

DynamicUnreal says:

Samsung makes you look photoshopped AF!

PavLos MavRis says:

I thought this video is not correct because the videos that you compare are the same scenes and movements and how is that possible, BUT at 5:54 I saw your shadow that you are holding all the phones together, so NICE WORK!!

Imparator Aslan says:

P30 pro best ….

Double G says:

Shoot in 40mp or 10mp on the p30pro ?

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