iPhone 11 VS Huawei P30 Pro VS Pixel 4 Camera Comparison!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the iPhone 11, the Pixel 4 and the Huawei P30 Pro.
This video includes daytime and night time pictures, portrait mode pictures, selfies and of course daytime and night time sample videos!

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iPhone 11 vs Huawei p30 Pro vs Pixel 4 Comparison


Redskull says:

Help me get this video to 500 Likes! Please and thank you!!
What phone do you think is the best for pictures and videos?

Viewtolove says:

P30 Pro couldn’t compete, but at least the grass doesn’t become radioactive green like in my P20 pro. In this case the greenery of the iPhone is too saturated and it has a yellow overcast on it, for people I like the warmth but nature looks too fake, the greens, I do like the brighter exposure of the iPhone. Overall the Pixel 4 does the best, not too bright, not too dark and the more real natural colours, also much more detail in dark mode, so for me Pixel 4 is the best!

Mark Awachie says:

Wow the P30 Pro mic 🎙 is superb.
The iPhone details, dynamic range and exposure are top notch.
The Pixel has good texture and night mode performance.

gigamoment says:

Thank you Alex. Please also do a **Pixel 3a XL vs Pixel 4 XL**. Given that the Pixel 3a XL is half the price, and making sure it runs the newest camera update (google camera 7.2) it will be very interesting to see the results!

legendp2011 says:

what about the zoom, was curuis how the pixel 4 software implementation would compare with huwawie hardware zoom

Алекс Власов says:

Pixel 4 best!!!!

Yahya Naveed says:

Somewhere in universe one will be comparing iPhone X with Mate 30 Pro!

Sumeet Jain says:

Wanted a review on 11pro max instead


What about zoom, macro and edge detection? And you know who's going to top it.

CraciunAlexandruGh says:

Have you tried turning off AI for the P30 Pro ? Might help with the oversaturation.

Vijay Singh Chauhan says:

In this video, video from Pixel 4 is looking better than the other two, looking sharper and more accurate in colours.

Rahul R says:

Edge detection is better on p30 pro

RZ says:

Clearly Pixel 4 win! Maybe Iphone improves the night mode this year, but still not good as Pixel.

Arc channel says:

Iphone 11 look better then pixel 4 last p30 pro

Sadi Amin says:

I had some trouble with with my P30 pro when i was using EMUI 9.1. Now i'm using EMUI 10 Beta and the image quality and video stabilisation now is way better than it ever was. EMUI 10 Stable version is coming soon, and i hope it'll be a lot better.

Daniel Stoyanov says:

You should turn off the "Master AI" and redo the tests or include samples without AI. P30 Pro is doing totally different job without AI. I have P30 Pro and know it from experience.

Cope says:

P30 pro has the best portrate mod.. What are u talking about? it has a TOF senzor for endge detection.. Honestly u dont know to use the phone.. even on night mode. I seen many comperations between this phones on other canals and only your is a different

George Skondras says:

Pixel 4 overall has the best pics!

Ankit Nain says:

Ever comparison ends Bro.. iphone does best videos

Stefan Genov says:

Hello Alex!

Tom says:

The pixel 4 is a big disappointment.
It makes the night sky too bright and because of the you get grainy results.
And during daytime normal light, the picture just doesn’t look as sharp as the iPhone.

delpinsky says:

I wonder whether the green tint on the P30 has ever been fixed by Huawei in one of their updates, or it has been always like that in auto-mode due to the RYYB sensor.
Too bad P30 Pro burns so many lights…but hopefully shooting in RAW helps a lot, although a bit time consuming, depending on what you decide to do with the pictures.
Considering my price range, I'm going to buy the P30 Pro (around 580€) or the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, if Xiaomi will ever decide to announce a release date for the version with 8p lenses.
Any chance to see a comparison with the new 108MP Xiaomi mid-range phone in the near future? 😉

Gs Gs says:

Clearly iPhone 11 win…

synmek says:

i Phoneは明るく撮れるものですね。

David says:

The iPhone 11 looks the best in almost every picture! Apple really got it right this year with their cameras!

Антон Мельников says:

You speak like Borat 😁

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