iPhone 11 VS Huawei P30 Pro EMUI 10 Camera Comparison!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the iPhone 11 and the Huawei P30 Pro running EMUI 10! The video includes daytime and night time video samples, daytime and night time pictures including portrait mode pictures and pictures taken with the ultra-wide lenses! You can also check out some saple selfies towards the end of the video!
What phone do you think is better? The iPhone 11 or the Huawei P30 Pro?

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Zarviroff Serge says:

Seems like Huawei tends to apply bluish tint to shadows.

allan allen says:

It’s easy enough to saturate more colour with a little edit after taking the picture on p30 pro anyway.

Grant S says:

Surprising, the P30 Pro has not aged well. Figured it put up more of a fight here.

Sayon Darithy says:

I would like to see a comparison with mate 20 pro

Web Application Firewall says:

iPhones def looks better than the P30, this from a Pixel user.

ADIL saleem says:

Love 👌😍

Chi Asmr says:

Every other phone is better than iPhone's picture quality. I mean it. I record with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ ,yet I own an iPhone. It's just a brand,period!

Hanh Le says:

Audio record in iphone always better than all oppositions before, but Huawei made me surprise in video

iaemin .s says:

Watching on my iphone 11 😁

Carlos Figueira says:

Wow,the P30 Pro got worse i think.Hope they can fix that in the next update. In my Mate20 Pro,Emui10 improve the camera a bit,especially at night with better colours,but on the other hand,i think that now it uses more battery 😅. Great video as usual,but i miss you Mustang 🙁

High End Cheap Tech says:

The P30 audio blows away the iPhone, but overall image wise

ABTOP says:

Что за акцент?

Black Parade says:

iPhone blew it away imo. I feel like P30 Pro's auto mode is mediocre, while it's Pro mode is great. It produces huge 70MB 40mp RAW files that are great to work with. It tried too hard to be a DSLR, and it failed being the best point and shoot cam.

(P30 Pro user here, btw)

Andreas Bergen says:

Very difficult most of the normal photos I prefer the Huawei because of color the iPhone has a tint in the day light shots.(blue and greenish)
The ultrawide i prefer the Iphone
Video iPhone but still a bit to punchy on the color .
Night photos i dont care phones are not good for night photos.
Had to watch it again and I think the Iphone camera looked better a couple of months ago.
It looks like Samsung(daylight) pic and the portrait mode is way to agressive like the pixel almost .
On the video part it now brighten the shadows to much.

Neil Sargeant says:

For me iPhone wins I definitely prefer the iPhone better colours and better HDR and pleasing to look at. But don’t get me wrong p30 not a bad camera. I do like the night mode on p30

Freudian says:

I think the iPhone 11 images are a more accurate representation of reality than the Huawei.

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