iPhone 11 VS Galaxy S20 VS Huawei Mate 30 Pro – Camera Comparison

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The complete camera comparison between the new Samsung Galaxy S20, the iPhone 11 and the Huawei Mate 30 Pro! I’ve included daytime pictures, portrait mode pictures, pictures taken with the Ultra wide lens, Night time pictures using the night mode, sample videos and of course selfies during the day and at night!

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What phone do you think is better for pictures and videos? The iPhone 11, the Samsung Galaxy S20 or the Huawei Mate 30 Pro?

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Éric de Berranger says:

It would be interesting to test the microphones without speaking! Especially when you speak behind the smartphone and film with the front lenses. And to be interested only in the general sound, in the capture of what you film.

Widana Channel says:

Mate 30 pro better 👍

Oliver Grewin says:

The mate 30 pro has a bigger sensor in the ultra wide, that's why it's less wide but that also means that it's better quality! So you can't just say that the other two are better because they're wider.

Shah Darshan says:

S20 was better overall

Shiran Sandeep says:

For daytime its a close call between 3 phones but i prefer the either s20 or iPhone 11 for daytime videos and photos.
For night time pics i prefer s20 for videos ether s20 or iphone11, in night time videos i can see that Huawei mate 30 pro overexposes the highlights near the light sources eventho it is the brightest video recording.
Thanks for these contects, keep it up…

Gmail As says:

S20 1st Iphone 11 2nd

Rennie Ash says:

The iPhone has more noise reduction, reducing detail in night video, but it seems to have the least jitter of any phone during walking handheld recording.

Ak Trivedi says:

It's not over exposed it's smart hdr Samsung s20

Aryan OfficiaL says:

😂 i have iphone 11 why am I watching this . Answer – i dont know😂

DeepteshLovesTECH says:

Overall S20
Best in Day time, consistent HDR.
In night time, on par with Mate 30 pro.
Best zoom ofcourse on the S20.
Selfies are clear winner on the S20.
Video recording toss up between the iPhone and S20.
iPhone has high NR in low light video and too underexposed. The S20 is a good balance and Mate 30 is overexposed.
Front facing video is a tie between the S20 and iPhone.
So overall the S20 is a the best balance.

Jeancarlos Vargas Saldaña says:

Huawei mate 30 pro 👍👏✌💪🐉🐲😎

Clement's Tech. Mv says:

IPhones has better dynamic range in portrait for sure .better colour in both video and photos.hands down iphone is the king in video recording nothing come close to the dynamic range and highlights details and smoothness of iphone , also in video in both front and back iphone has wider field of view compared to others ,,,iphone also has 4k 24 fps cinematic video in both front and back, s20 cant ,and cinematic stabilisation for 4k 24,30,or 60 fps with hdr, all lens can do 4k 60,s20 cant do that , front cam video of iphone has stabilisation in 4k 30 and 60 has hdr and eis stabilisation s20 only has stabilisation in 4k 30… iphone all lens has 100%focous pixels, only advantage of s20 is zoom and 8k but in 8k it uses telephoto lens so it is zoomed in and stabilisation sucks,
in night time vedio iphone automatically switches to lower fps to provide sharper vedios in night ,you can clearly see how amazing iphone control lights in the bulding and street way better than samsung amd huawei others increased iso and overexposed

sumit says:

In night mode mate 30 pro overexposed the light and s20 better maintain that. Day light condition s20 far better than any phone

dreeTM tp says:

Wait for Huawei P40. 😁💯💪

Gd Vega says:

I've edited a photo and add more clarity and it kinda just messed with dynamic range in a bad way

I feel like that's why the Mate 30 Pro processing cause worse hdr

But then
Is it really just clarity processing?

Michał Smyk says:

I choose Mate 30 pro. Night are far the best. Day nr 2 after iPhone 11, video nr 3 in day, night nr 1. Portrait best on Mate. Selfies nr 2 after iPhone 11.

Mzwandile Harmans says:

I prefer iPhone. Well night video looked terrible on the mate30pro bcos even though it was brighter, it had tonnes of noise and far way over exposed. I think iPhone did better night videos followed by s20 but at ultra wide night mode the s20 did better and mate the second place. iPhone is a budget iphone and it’s excellent. Please consider noise and exposure when you doing night video comparison, not only brightness

fahad naem says:

Impressive review as always…just wanna know what varient of s20 you have? Exynos or SD?

ENL says:

The optical image stabilization on the iphone is so much better than the other two. You can really see this during the nighttime video shots. The Huawei and Samsung have tons of jittery motion blur while the iphone stays buttery smooth. I will admit the detail in the video is lower but I personally prefer the smooth natural look of the iphones video/photos compared to the maxed out heavily processed captures from the other two.

sateg says:

Iphone 11 is clear overall winner , s20/mate30 are not even close :(((

M Si says:

Picture wise the 30pro did great especially night , overal i think iphone first and samsung 2nd – video iphone then s20 then 30pro

Mr Tee says:

For day and video iPhone 11 . Night time mate 30. For both night and day S20. So a bit of a mix bag overall.

spamtelevision says:

The iPhone has the most accurate colors, best HDR, portrait photos and day and night video. I watched the video on a 4K Sony TV.

Muhammad Arbaz Khan says:

Now waiting for P40 Series Camera Comparison 😂 These reviews must be hard on your pocket 🤐

Omega Red says:

Good job, more comparisons between pixel 4xl, iphone 11 pro and s20 ultra

Taco Salad says:

The iPhone 11 is the all around best. Even Lady Gaga’s new Stupid Love music video was shot on iPhone. The camera, the watch, the $699 price and access to exclusive apps. I do so much fun gaming with $5 Apple Arcade, Wi-Fi multiplayer and online multiplayer games are amazing. Butter Royale, Pac-Man Party Royale, Crossy Castle and SuperMegaMini Games. Then you get your solo games like Sneaky Sasquatch, Splitter Critters,Spyder and way more I can name. The only gaming a really did on Samsung was COD.

Bast Coucou says:

1st: iphone 11 (accurate colors and selfies daytime)

2nd: galaxy S20
(catching close iphone)
3rd: Mate 30pro

H1BK says:

I like samsung s20

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