iPhone 11 vs. 11 Pro vs. 11 Pro Max Camera Comparison Test (S3-E4)

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★iPhone Wars Series★ Season 3 Episode 4 – What are image and video differences between iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max? Please let me know in the comments below what iPhone model would you consider buying. Enjoy!


Saloni Arora says:

Which is better ? IPHONE 11 or Iphone XS ??

Angela Xu says:

What exactly the difference between Pro & Pro Max, except the sizes in between!? I’m still deciding! 🤔

Yasin I. says:

I wouldn’t compare the 11 pro to the 11 pro max especially with camera. The max model is just a bigger screen and better battery. You can compare the pro to the pro max with battery but not camera

Jamie Taylor says:

Why didn't you just do a comparison between the 11 and 11 pro there was no need to add the 11 pro max into it. And it is only the ultra wide that makes the 11 pro different to the 11 the other two cameras are exactly the same. Should of just done a video about the ultra wide camera on the 11 pro 😌

lochana sahan says:

U are crazy 11 is the best

f s says:

Talk less and show more samples…


Are there benefits of having a bigger screen size when taking pictures?

France Jaka says:

U are the best thank u. God bless u

iam prajesh says:

Can i buy iPhone in cell cashier??

Lk P says:

My ex is really big on iPhone and apple in general, I messaged her. However, I didn't get any reply so I had to watch your video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge it clear all questions I had! I do really appreciate it!

Bidlley says:

11 pro looks the best among the 3.

Choco C. says:

don´t agree !!

missraeray says:

Thank you for this ! This is all I care about on a phone

Bui Tri says:

11 pro vs 11 pro max ?? Which one is better ??

Victor Pham says:

Thank you so much for your video.

Alex Packer says:

It’s the same cameras so the photos should be the same not different

bang Setiawan says:

From indonesia iphone 11 pro max amazing…

TechCircle says:

Great pictures comparison! Thank you very much!!

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