iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro – 48 Hours Later!

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11? Here’s my thoughts 48 hours later!! Stay tuned for more iPhone 11 videos!

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Krystal Lora says:

Which iPhone 11 are you picking up?! 💜

Matas Ramoškevičius says:

Cant wait. 3days left to order the i11

Jennifer Silva says:

My iPhone XR is still making me extremely happy so I think it’s a pass from me until the design changes significantly in a good way

Tallulah_ timelapses says:

I felt it when apple said " 🚥 ,🚦, 🎛️ "

megan 25 says:

giveaway pls

Karin Doorn says:

I order a midnight green iPhone 11 pro, yeahh

R ahul says:

Love your vlogs and you are beautiful

Kelvin Kuangon says:

Camera design so ugly

Jr Yanez says:

Pre ordered iPhone 11 Pro Space Grey 🔥🔥, thinking about upgrading my series 3 to the series 5? Worth the upgrade???

Hugo Vigil says:

No one gives a fuck about this stupid as phone

Hugo Gonzalez says:

Krystal you’re Beautiful

Joseph Barney says:

Coming from a Samsung S10 owner, impressive. Most impressive.

Devan Jones says:

Got the 11 pro 256 in beautiful can't go wrong gold I'm sorry that midnight green is midnight fugly 😂

Ayana Mendoza101 says:

She should work at Apple for rl.

Maxs DCruz says:

What for IPhone 11 totally shit there is no innovation at all only the camera selling show not improvement anything

Dan Addams says:

Those phones looks so bad… Terribly bad! That design is everything but not an apple design….. This looks gross and very cheap… Is disgusting … Also I'm trypophobic so I can even see that camera module without getting anxiety and feeling sick….

Jenny Viveros says:

Im getting purple 😁💜

Ariana grande Who says:

I’m going to pick up my iPhone 11 when it actually comes out September 20 I already pre ordered it and I’m so excited to pick it up on Friday but I can’t wait but I’m afraid I’ll just drop it and then I won’t have a phone 😂 but I really need a case for it have any recommendations

Steven Carter says:

Apple is getting ridiculous.. they are bored now.

Naimatullah Nawabi says:

Who says bull has 2 horns, the people go by the foolishness blindly and paying 1k usd for something worth less $100.

Bob Martin says:

I entered here because it's a Krystal Lora review, haha not for the iPhone. Am 0% interested in any Apple phone.

So So says:


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