iPhone 11: Unboxing & Camera Tests

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First day unboxing testing the wide and ultra wide cameras on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, check out the Casetify Ultra Impact case http://bit.ly/31zGsHq – discount code 20STALMAN
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Ali choudhry says:

Is iphone cheaper in USA or Canada ?

dhep hendra says:

Ya elah bg, give away in Napa bg😥, apa kabar ginjal?

Robert Koelbel says:

Can you make an ASMR peel off special please. Thanks!

arash says:


Drunk Gamer says:

My iPhone always falls screen first never on the sides lol


Plz compare DSLR vs iPhone 11

harshal salunke says:

I love your videos bro, love from India

Levi Blue says:

2:26 omg i took pictures at the paint splattered wall 🥺

UrTechCorner says:

The quality on these shots is really, really impressive! 😃

Baby DW says:

When I upgrade from my iPhone 6s Plus, the iPhone XS Max gonna be MY phone 💯

Aris Vrionis says:

Amazing colour!

Game 10 says:

I’m getting my first phone on Monday I’m so excited:)

Daniel Mendez says:

Now I can afford the iPhone 8 plus. Lmao it will be a big upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy s7.

BREEZO says:

I want this phone so bad 😩🤦🏾‍♂️

Blue Tooth says:

Didn’t know you were Canadian

Clark Riggins says:

Great video, I have a XR and am trying to resist the temptation of getting an 11. Love the camera on the XR the 11 looks even better.

Sin Cara says:

Which iphone 11 to buy: green or red?? Does the iphone 11 have a portrait mode on objects?

player on mobile says:

I wish I have many to by a phone 😫😫😖😟 sorry I am poor

Vanisha Deb says:

Please tell that can we adjust the blur background in portrait selfies in iphone 11 pro???

Heaven-is-4-Real says:

Night Mode 👉 Ghostbusters Mode 😄

M M says:

Thumbs up 👍 for that beautiful Canadian passport! 🇨🇦 ❤️

Avon tario says:

I really liked this review. Very nice, thanks! Decided to get the 11.

Previn kumar says:

1:08 , Thank me later!

Jessica Zarate says:

Just ordered this one I’m so excited upgrading from a Iphone 8 Plus

rohan sharma says:

Ppl are getting addicted to ultra wide camera… seriously ???.You are the only who is using first time but i have used it 3 yrs before on my Lg g5… Lg had it first and now every one is Copying….

Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs says:

Your videos are magnificent.

tatyannagois says:

Great video! The colors, the editing, the content… 💗

In 30 Seconds - Best Cheap VPN Review says:

iphone 11 is looking good!

Afaaq Siddiqui says:

compare it to the Note 10

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