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Hey guys!

This is my iPhone 11 unboxing video! I hope you guys like my first impression/review of the new iPhone!

As always, thank you guys for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! I will see you on my next video!


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Logan Williams says:

When u said bts I freaked lol I just clicked to see a review and then u mention my favorite group of all time and now I love you lol

Charmee Macapala says:

I was watching the unboxing when you said BTS and I was like wait? Did I hear that right? 💜💜💜

Wyatt Peek says:

so many ARMY fans… but im here cause i love purple 😂

Wyatt Peek says:


angelic says:

Btw can i ask? Can u change the passcode option from face id to the old version?

angelic says:

Also getting the purple cuz ya know 😂💜

Fanny Qian says:

ARMYYYYYYY 💜 you are so cuteee

I Love Taehyung But he Loves Jungkook says:

isang malutong na Hopefully All :>

Amwan’s Vlogs says:

Your so pretty

army ishabelle says:

I wanted to get the white cause it’s just plain and can match with any case I want but I also want to get the purple one cause I’m an army as well but afraid may not match the case I want to put it in.
In the end I chose the purple one cause I just realized I would just put a clear case on it.
Switching from my 6💕

Park Lachimolala says:


Park Lachimolala says:

Army's Official Phone:

Iphone 11 Purple


I wonder how many Army have iphone 11 in Purple🤔💜

I wish I could have it too🥺

Park Lachimolala says:

Since birth my fave color is Purple, and then the 7 wonderful angels came into my life (I feel like they are my soulmates lol🤣) and the official color of BTSxARMY is Purple💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


Euphoriakook says:

Omg how cute you’re an army too. I just had to subscribe especially since you’re jungkook biased too😌💜

Nghi Le says:

OMG I'm an ARMY too, and I buy the purple Iphone 11 too💜 I purple youuuu

Taylor Jeffers says:

i ordered the red🌹❤️💔

Marie Hardwick says:

You’re a army yesss💋❤️❤️

Rosita Merlin says:

We both are twins… we’ve had the same phone in the same clr before and now I’m buying the purple one too 🙈🙈😂

리사블랙핑크 says:

Wowww you're a Filipino i didn't expect it , and i didn't expect that You're 22 my gosh you look so young , anyways love you From Philippines🇵🇭 ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

jaeminipyo says:

Ahh omg should I get the purple or white? I want the purple to match an idols official colors since it is the exact shade but then…I don’t think I’ll be having a clear case all the time so it’ll not look too good 🥺😔 I’m not sure, it’s such a huge debate I have

diyy kmruddin says:

we go borahae all the wayy 💜

Almonie Frank says:

I love the purple 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Emeral Ferrell says:


Mia Gomez says:

I have the purple one too!!💜 sooo beautiful

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