iPhone 11 Pro vs XS vs X – Ultimate Camera Comparison!

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Are the cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro really THAT good? YES! Watch as we compare the camera quality to the iPhone XS and iPhone X!
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In this video, we compare everything from photo quality, video quality, video stabilization, portrait photos, low light photos, night mode, macro photo quality and much more!

Not many people think there is a major difference between the cameras on the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro, but there actually is!

We show you all of the differences!

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Max Tech says:

Were you guys as surprised as we were with these results? Comment below!
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X1 Falcon Gaming says:

I got the 11 pro max today it amazing when it comes to speed and the camera…

Anish Awasthi says:

For the people that say apple just added a lense to the new phones watch this video!

Seanathan010 says:

By far this was the BEST iPhone X, XS and 11 camera comparison video I’ve come across so far. I can finally tell the difference between the 3 generations AND I had no clue the X sound was soo horrible lol. This helped me decide that it’s worth upgrading from my 7 plus to the 11 instead of the XS. Thank you!

julie brtek says:

Need make more iPhone 11 PRo Max all them going fast in. Apple store.

BigBoss9696 says:

These are all great cameras nothing wrong with none. Even the iPhone 6S still takes great photos. People are so spoiled now a days with all this tech. I still have photos taken with a iPhone 4S and let me tell you they look great. Take a photo and move on who the hell is gonna spend a ton of time looking at it with NASA’s telescope 🔭?

Jaydon Nguyen says:

iPhone XS has a just right amount of background blurring. iPhone 11 pro went a bit too far and make it look like a cutout of your portrait has been stuck on a blurred background

Sonya says:

the 11 pro camera is simply amazing :O I am shook! Was thinking of possibly getting xs, but man… thanks for the comparison!

M. G. says:

Does not make sense. I expect evolution. Why should the the older model compete in any way. Somehow this seemahainsts like advertising. Do your tests against the pixel 3, and let us find out if 11 pro can compete…

Leonardo Gonzalez Castellanos says:

Great iPhone 11 comercial

D Danny says:

I can’t see much difference except with the extra wide lens. The narrator’s hyperbole isn’t born out by the video to my eyes on my Xs max and iPad … I suspect many of us would be hard pushed to say which was which on many of the photos without the labels.

Cheryl Houghton says:

Extraordinary video comparison, thank you for your hard work! Much appreciated! I'm switching now from the X to the 11 Pro!

EXT3RM1NAT0R 97 says:

i feel like the other youtubers hate the iphone, and dont do enough work to make it loook good

Chris D says:

Deep fusion is going to improve upon these results even more when it’s released, I’ve seen a few photos with it enabled on beta and it looks very promising. Will push the iPhone pro well ahead of the current competition!

Lazar Samardžić says:

Xs looks the worst

flyshacker says:

What an outstanding test! Great job!

A says:

the xs here only crops the image that much because it is the xs max, not the smaller xs

Amaro says:

Really good vid man, love the audio comparison.

Raphael Nano says:

Good job apple, great battery, great camera, great screen, great iOS (newer ones).. I think I might switch from Android to Apple but let's see how's Pixel 4. Great video!

Kareem Hailey says:

You tripping

Note10Plus IsBoss says:

The Note10Plus is easily the best all purpose device on the market worldwide nothing Apple does can ever compare to the abilities of the Galaxy Note products. If you want something boring or basically dull and simple something watered down you buy an iPhone.

zylone1 says:

Did you have IOS 13.1.x on all devices ?

Sexy 'N' Strong says:

как достали эти продажные обзорщики – у них уже xs хуже чем x стал снимать

Nathan Ben Fredj says:

So good in my iPhone XS 👊🏾11 pro is best

Drewskiii 314 says:

Killer vid.

SimplyStimulating says:

I love my 10s

SimplyStimulating says:

Very interesting

Rskitalll says:

Are all the phones on IOS13?

Wisdom Goodness says:

What happened to iPhone xs? Many shots are worse than the iPhone x.

Btw, for just daily, casual and normal use, it is not really much worth to spend money on iPhone 11pro. Just because the camera is improved, I won't upgrade to iPhone 11pro from iPhone x

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