iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL vs Galaxy S20+ Camera Comparison

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The ultimate comparison. The iPhone 11 Pro vs Google Pixel 4 XL vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Which phone will win? Watch to find out.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro – https://geni.us/uyPlJ
Google Pixel 4 XL – https://geni.us/grH1
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – https://geni.us/aooaG

Galaxy S20 Plus review video – https://youtu.be/sYcd-pkeJrA
Pixel 4 Giveaway video – https://youtu.be/H1HPkCcuiCA

Camera Rig – https://youtu.be/X8XzEIEVpF8
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A W says:

Samsung makes great phones but the cameras are just ok. Love my note 10 plus but the $700 iPhone 11's cameras are way better.

Ryan Penner says:

Many of us watch these reviews from phones. It's a bit easier to compare the photos if they are as big as possible on the screen. My vote is to get rid of the white wasted space and push photos to the edge. Good review.

Kenny Zayas Figueroa says:

Galaxy S20+ 👀

SSaini says:

The color saturation on the S20 is absurd

Yhaz Jakaria says:

supersaf apple fanboy left the group.

Ian Pal says:

Why not the ultra? Not fair to compare the top flagships against the not top s20.

Gruzdev Victorovich says:

i just don't find my iphone takes photos like this guy did

democritus37 says:

I think your videos are fab but just one correction. The s20/s20+ does NOT have a physical telephoto lens. Its “telephoto” lens is pretty much the same focal length as the normal wide angle, but it’s a 64mp sensor, so the “zoom” is just achieved by cropping into the centre of the picture.

Georgio Michael says:

😂 you might as well be sponsored by Samsung. Your just hating on Apple man. Unfair comparison.

Willber Willberforce says:

Just wanted to say, never before have we needed content to keep us sane and up to date. You keep on delivering, thanks from the UK

Deepak Magar says:

why is iphn crushing the shadows too much in this video?
didn't happen in other videos

Treasure M says:

I preferred the S20 for most of the pics. Love the edited look. Rear video goes to the iphone hands down. Audio goes to the galaxy as well.

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