iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL Camera Comparison – Very Interesting!

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The Google Pixel 4 XL and the iPhone 11 Pro Max are two smartphones that are promising to have great cameras. Well, here’s my camera comparison between the two.

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Mohd Saquib Farooqui says:

Father's of iPhone…🖕🏻🖕🏻❣😍😍😍


Nice bro good job i need this video.Thanks you

Elayarasu G says:

iPhone great 👍

Hari Kadraka says:

iPhone 11 pro max

Sheri T says:

No body beat pixel

Arif Ahmed says:

I phone 11pro

S T SUPERSTAR whatsapp status says:

Sir, I do not have enough money to take an iPhone.

Diesel says:

6:30 the Pixel captured Elon's starlink satelites

The Street Store Belize says:

I don't own neither phones. What puzzles me is that most of the well known and reliable phone websites rate the Pixel phone as the #1 camera phone in the market. While the iPhone 11 in many cases gets rank at #3. In this video however it completely looks otherwise. Which brings me to this question – how biased is this review? I most say the pumpkin picture looks uncharacteristically Pixel's.

Altema22 says:

Nice video, so thanks! I'm kinda used to natural Bokeh, so to me, the Pixel over does the blur a bit. However, on the 0:55 shot, the iPhone messes up on the gap below the right ear. At 5:16, I liked the iPhone shot better. It is odd that the Pixel took 2 minutes in astro mode, and my thought is that if you have to use a tripod, you can get similar results with a time exposure on other phones with pro mode. I know I have.

At 7:20, the Pixel shot had stars, but they were out of frame when you zoomed in. However I did prefer the iPhone shot because the Pixel overexposed the lights. For video, the iPhone was more stable in the beginning, but I did NOT like the exposure walking through the arch. You know who might have better video stabilization than either of these? Hold on, you better sit down. Ok… I'm talking about the updated HTC U12 Plus. Seriously. I was at a wedding this past Saturday and the photographer did not show. They asked me to take shots with a Canon, but it's battery died during the reception, so they had me use the U12. A producer I knew was at the wedding, and when he saw the footage, he asked if I was using a gimbal. Turns out the U12 Plus also has better detail in still photos than the iPhone 11 and Note 10+, so it was an interesting day.

The Pixel having separate control over the highlights and shadows is pure dope, and I wish I had it on mine. I still like having a full pro mode though 😉

eazibaby eaZI says:

Also why do most you reviewers try to act like Google stock app has no editing tools? It's not as extensive as Snapseed or Lightroom but it's more then enough. You can adjust exposure, contrast, warmth, skin tones, white balance, blacks, vignette, shoes, highlights, deep blue and now blur effects after taking a photo. Why you all fail to mention this? Oh yeah I officially got over 7 hours SOT on 4xl with 10% left on battery. Battery gets better as the phone learns your habits. Had to through that out there.

Drogaria Guardian says:

iPhone 11 Pro WIN!

Maneesh Lingwal says:

i phone best

eazibaby eaZI says:

iPhone has no stabilization at 60fos in 4k. It's better in 30fps. I brought both. Tested cameras and no the pixel takes better photos hands down. Rear recording is a toss up. I give front recording to the iPhone. Every other scenario the pixel was better. I got my daughter iPhone 11 pro max and I got the 4xl. We both agreed that the 4xl was better. Can't go wrong either way. You astrophotography shot was nothing compared to the pictures I took. The iPhone doesn't come close to producing this shot

eazibaby eaZI says:

Stabilization was better on pixel

eazibaby eaZI says:

I have the 4xl and the astrophotography mode is better then what you displayed. I took a pic and could see more stars in the pic then I could see looking up myself.

Andreas Panayiotou says:

No matter how shit the pixel every year becomes, i would just pick it for that camera processing.

Samm_i_Amm93 says:

Pixel 4 takes the W for me

Eric E says:

The iPhone has been doing real time HDR in the preview since the iPhone XS. This is the first year that pixel implemented it.

Ayur PathySharma says:

So we have to buy both phone ..to click same pic ..zoom the pic..check detail ..and delete which you don't like

m omkar says:

Vivo z1 pro😍😍

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