iPhone 11 Pro VS Pixel 4: Ultimate Camera Comparison!

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iPhone 11 Pro and Pixel 4 have some great cameras packed in — but which is the best smartphone camera of 2019? We pit them against one another to find out.

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Jānis Jemeļjanovs says:

Swtiched from Pixel 3 to iPhone 11 Pro. IMO, Apple has taken the crown back. Always the best in video and now either equal or even better in some situation in photography also!

User1010 says:

"It is Android here from Apple" 0:11

DaL says:

Im desperately trying to change sides but apple has the best cameras fml

Joshua Fredrickson says:

You are horrible at taking the same shot from both cameras. Use a Tripod or a mounting kit to keep perspective same on both. Also the Pixel doesn't have a Wide Angle lens and you kept repeating you were taking wide angle from the Pixel 4. For a better review look at the one with MKB and SuperSAF (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpC43k5CTsw&t=1795s)

Nathan Thompson says:

I guess Google Pixel 4 is not as good as my old Google Pixel 3, especially on white balance problem.

עומר סיטון says:

You can play alot with the settings of the google camera. I think if you would do it the photos on the pixel could come out much nicer, but for now, the Iphone 11 blows the pixel away…

neptxne 2009 says:

I can’t wait to get that phone for Christmas! 😁

NND here says:

totally biased

Giorgi Maraneli says:

You are so obviously biased

JD Garza says:

I wish Apple and android came together. Apple with android software

Secret Dee says:

Pixel is better

Fernando Castillo says:

Oh shit the pixel just killed it

Herr Pohlenz Garbino says:

Can't believe despite the good reviews of the tech youtuber community, iPhone 11 Pro just scored 117 in DXOMark. And it only ranked 3rd.
But who cares. Dxo is not reliable.

supaahflyy says:

not trying to defend google here but the iphones wide angle shots look completely trash. Soft and they look like they were taken with a 2mp camera. Samsung has the best wide angle lens.

The wide angle lens on the iphone should only be used when there is loads of light and youre outside. Thats when its good

Daniel Gladyshev says:

showing width angle photo compared to previous 1:1 ration LOL apple lover, useless video no point on watching 🙂

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