iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 3 Camera Comparison – Photo Quality

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Rakesh Tekwani says:

How about note 10+ vs i11 pro!

Vishak Elisaus says:

4:02 Eminem cameo

Grant S says:

Great comparison. I feel you on how much effort these are. Glad to have you posting videos again. πŸ‘

Ümit Ay says:

Jerome, im really loking forward to see your Pixel 4 Comparisons! A Big Thank you for your 20+ hours effort for this vid <3

AndroidStud says:

Goodness brother as always. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

siluah says:

My favorite camera comparisons person!

Juan Carlos Montes says:

He is back!

Trevor McKenna says:

Love your editing! Great video!

nikchris69 says:

Iphone straight up murdered the pixel. Almost every shot was better on the iPhone. All hail the new king! Can't wait for deep fusion!!

Freddy morales says:

I missed your videos nice to see you post another one πŸ‘

Nick Motsarsky says:

You can boost the contrast on iphone photos to replicate the Pixel look, but can't do much to improve the dynamic range on the Pixel shots, unless you shoot in Raw and edit in photoshop.

chadly R says:

Thank for your in depth video! And your hard work on this one!

Jon Downes says:

Great video
Keep up the great work

Ikhsanji Vinsmoke says:

u'r back

marcinthebox says:

Glad you're back bro

Thomas Byers says:

Glad to see you back. πŸ‘πŸ»

Pablo Kho says:

You nailed it! Best camera comparison I've seen so far!

Oscar Cooke-Abbott says:

I personally hold the S10's cameras over the Pixel 3's, so I wouldn't call it a king till it could beat the S10, and now Mate 30 Pro too.

Kesner Clerie says:

iPhone 11 pro has a lens flare issue.

Piratekiller99 says:

what is "darkness" 0:20 from?
I remember something from a song that sounds very similar.

chrisak49 says:

Android Fanboys: Samsung over sharpening photos is ok and makes the photo nice
Also Android Fanboys: Apple over sharpening photos is horrible

J. Morris says:

Eh…I haven't even watched the video and gave it a thumbs down. Why? The Pixel 3 is no longer the current Pixel; that title belongs to the Pixel 4 which is the iPhone 11 lineup's true competition. Once that video comes out, I'll give it a go.

Shawn Cypret says:

I hope you do a video camera comparison

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