iPhone 11 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro Camera Comparison – Very Interesting!

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Aayush Raj says:

Was this video shot before the OnePlus 8 pro software update or before?


I took better pictures with an iphone 11 pro max !!!

Reagan xXx says:

In India one plus 8 pro only 54,999 Rs ~ 720$

Harshit Yadav says:

One plus 8 pro is half the price of iphone 11pro 🤣

MY LEG says:

It's so bad that the op8 pro does only 1080p 30fps video still for back camera and the iPhone can do 4k 60fps

Matthew Henry says:

Excellent review

Game gamer says:

5:28 it looks like Lila paper wich is flying

BeReal Bud says:

The iPhone 11 Pro is cheaper in Canada than the Oneplus 8 Pro…. 🙄

david young says:

Thanks all you have done is make the choice harder 🤣🤣. Looks like theres very little in it.
Good content thanks

WiT Youtube says:

I Love one plus

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