iPhone 11 Pro vs OnePlus 7T Camera Comparison – It's Closer Than You Think!

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The iPhone 11 Pro and the OnePlus 7T are two phones with triple-cameras on the back and I wanted to test all of the cameras to see how close they come to each other.

OnePlus 7T First Impressions – https://youtu.be/5NJgRoMKjjs

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John Bonham says:

Camera Tie? 😅
Did you try the camera outside the room? all shooting opportunities as well as all cameras… Dude, are you afraid that apple wont send you phones anymore if it lose?😅

Sakib Shahriar says:

iPhone's camera much better .

BD365 says:

You asshole paid by apple!!!

Worldwide Explorer says:

Honestly done…nice bro.

Nine B says:

Why do people always give the base price for iPhones ? 1099 base transfers to 1259 euros here. It is very from 1099 dollars.

Chirag Chawla says:

I bought it for 90hz display and i must say i have never been this impressed. ❤️

Maduakor Chibuike says:

I get annoyed when people review cameras and don’t add portrait mode pictures from the rear camera using human subjects.

Rennie Ash says:

I noticed the cowbell throughout this video…cannot hear the rest of the backing track since it is so low compared to his voice, so I got to hear a just audible cowbell every 2s….I had to check a few times to see if it was from the video lol

Iam a Good person says:

This guy is tryhard saving op7T, bias comparison.

Just A DreaM says:

One plus 7 T $600
I phone 11pro max $1099

gordonyz4 says:

Main camera sensor on 7T is actually 1/2' compared to iPhone's 1/2.3,

Vikrant Singh says:

Lg v40 vs iphone 11pro max
Lg v40 vs oneplus 7t

alexis laboy says:

I pick the one plus 7t 😂😂😂 I think it looks better

mohamed mounes says:

3 things i hate the most about iphone camera … Over exposure low contrast i meay very low (washed out Blacks) and tanned like skin color !

ddave104 says:

Oneplus 7t here too.

NIL Megh says:

7t's microphone is great!!! I never expected it to be better then iphone!!

Michael Parks says:

I'm amazed how close the camera preformce is actually. Most of the 7t photos I actually liked better than iPhone. I think the iPhone makes some colors cooler overall but still makes a decent Image. Both phones take really good photos and a lot of the time I think which someone may like is subjective to personal preference. I have a 7pro and have taken beautiful photos with it. To be fair I have an iPhone 7 work issues me and it's fine too for its age but lacks many manual settings in the camera that many Android phone had for years. It's like apple they just want it to work and be easy with no tinkering options. During your video test I thought the sound for you voice was more bold on the 7t and softer on iPhone. iPhones front camera was better at video but how good do you really need?

Moment says:

Awesome review!

Michiel de Jong says:

One plus video almost looks like a mushroom trip with all the colors

ArnobPlays says:

Well 700$ iphone 11 is amazing. So fuck 7at

shaddadG says:

Oneplus 7T is amazing and is half the price. Great camera quality.

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