iPhone 11 Pro vs Note 10 vs Pixel 3 – Hardcore Camera Comparison!

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Can Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro beat out the Note 10 Plus and Pixel 3a XL in a detailed camera comparison? Let’s find out!
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The iPhone 11 Pro now FINALLY comes with an ultra-wide lens to help compete with the Note 10 Plus and other Android smartphones.
It also features a lot of software tweaks to boost photo quality, alongside night mode!

The Note 10 Plus was the reigning champ in terms of photo quality when we tested it a couple of months back, with excellent photo quality, especially with its ultra-wide lens.

The Google Pixel 3 features only a single lens but it makes up for it with outstanding software that makes the photos look really great!

Let’s see which phone takes the best photos in this detailed comparison!

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Max Tech says:

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Nick Chen says:

Omg I should just sell my iPhone 11pro for pixel 3a…

Abhinash Paswan says:

U comparing pixel 3a with other high end phones

karlzell wang says:

iphone 11 is crazy good

Zau Dan Aung says:

Can you review vivo v17 pro and one plus 7

VariousPond says:

The white thingie at the bottom looks like the smooth diorite from Minecraft.

Saurabh says:

iPhone 11 Pro Vs real Pro camera comparison please as you did with Note 10+ and yes with Pixel 4 also

Ace Lucero Tech says:

Nobody reputable is saying that the iPhone 11 has the best camera.

Fernando Castillo says:

OMG the pixel is so much better 🤯

Paul says:

And the Android fanboys are still whining 😂😂

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