iPhone 11 Pro vs. iPhone XS camera comparison

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The new iPhone 11 Pro has a triple rear camera, adding a new ultrawide-angle camera for photos and videos. Apple also updated the selfie camera, added a Night Mode and made some small tweaks to Smart HDR and video capture. To see how much better the new cameras are, we took the iPhone 11 Pro out alongside last year’s iPhone XS.

Read more about our camera comparison here: https://cnet.co/2omYw96

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Benzinewagen says:

To see a difference in quality, you probably need an iPhone 12

Reverse Thinker says:

Dear Apple you got only 13 days left to shine as a best phone camera Pixel 4 is coming to thrash you at the 2nd place 😀

محمد إدريس بن علي الحسني الشريف says:


Charan Satheesh says:

Will the iPhone XS get the night mode? Hopefully through software

air90air says:

How did you manually get 28s exposure?

ros says:

Every tech blogger and tech enthusiasts who have used this phone is going bananas over it, I have one and I don't really see much difference from the previous generation except wide-angle shot. Most pictures taken at indoor and outdoor at daylight have a much warmer tone ALMOST like note10, the difference is seen at night. However, video recording is awesome and the night mode is good (Catching up with pixel and Huawei). Still, I don't like the warmer tone in the picture even with HDR on.

AwkwardHuman says:

He's astonished with the fact that it can record in the ultrawide and switch through cameras while recording but the Mate 20 Pro from last year could do that along with the S10 from early this year.

Hannibal Hector says:

He's so amazed at how he can switch cameras while taking video. The LG V40 from last year can do it. Any three camera phone from this year can do it.

Alen Zulfic says:

He said best iPhone yet, when I hear that I lose all respect for the video. Thanks for stating the obvious 😑

Joseph Schatz says:

So night mode is just bracketing with long shutter speeds?

Jim Kao says:

I just went to Yellowknife, Canada and took some northern light photos with iPhone 11 & a tripod. The photos looks good, and of course not as good as a DSLR.

rony ahmmed says:

Please give me iPhone


give me hart no one done it to me befor
like so he can see plz

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports says:

I upgraded from XS MAX 512GB to PRO MAX 512GB.

The only real difference I notice in the camera and battery is that the camera app is faster and the Zoom in on 1080p is better.

what I really wanted was 1TB of storage for my Youtube videography and vacation vlogs.

iMovie iOS requires a large amount of space to shoot 4K60FPS videos and still be able to finalize them on the phone itself.

I have roughly 450GB of space for my videos. If they gave me a 1TB storage option I'd have over 800GB and I'd be happy enough to drop $2000 on that.

#2 to be perfectly honest, I haven't really seen a huge difference in video quality since iPhone got 1080p in the 6 Plus. The 4K is an advantage if you are viewing on a 4K devices, but most of my viewers are using mobile devices. Video quality is excellent for my Yotubbing but 4K60fps video is storage hungry, POWER HUNGRY and sometimes I feel like I get diminishing returns because many people watching my videos can't take advantage of it.

Adalberto Pedregon says:

I just took off the case on my Mac Pro wanted to have a feel of the phone itself

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