iPhone 11 Pro vs. Huawei P30 Pro: ULTIMATE Camera Comparison

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The P30 Pro arguably had the best camera on any phone when it launched — but that was 6 months ago. Apple now has 3 new iPhones, headed by the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Can Apple reclaim its camera crown? Catch the full camera comparison, right here on CNET.

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CNET says:

So the iPhone won this year. But there have been other years where it didn't, we promise! Which phone did you think was better and why? And btw, what other comparisons would you guys like to see us do next?

Vi Vo says:

i love you iPhone 😍

Rokstar Buwoy says:

Sorry buddy… I disagree… I have done personal comparison and P30 Pro still beats mostly iPhone 11 +

Py LordVaderX says:

Iphone is ugly and stupid . P30 is gorgeous and smart and cheap . So suck it Apple !

Goldberg Singh says:

Huawei devices is the best in the world 🗺
Samsung and apple 🍏 have to live under huawei shadows
Believe that
PEACE ✌️ out

D Jaquith says:

Yeah the iPhone lacks the sophisticated communist spyware of the P30.

David 2000 says:

Apple fandoy

Stupid Ghhm says:

Don’t encourage Chinese BS. They don’t worth that much money.

Tafi t. says:

Is this another paid review?

Doyen Curpen says:

I like the p30 pro more since I don't care about reality or whatever duhhh

PULSAR says:

P30 pro amd save you money + enjoy android freedom and tons of games

Rio Winaryo says:

When you take some photos you need to do it manually not automatic. 😏

minkhant 00578 says:

Who else watching this video on iphone 11 pro max?😎
Literally not me 🙂

Monirul Islam says:

Huawei P 30 pro Best

Raden Arba'in says:

Very subjective review of smartphone cam. 🤣🤣🤣

Derick Santos says:

Commie phone. USA USA USA

Ibrahim Hafeez says:

Best Mobile Camera Yet On World =IPHONE=

Ibrahim Hafeez says:

iphone = life

Chris5107 says:

P30 Pro is beautiful

ZAZ ▷ P L A Y Э Я says:

LoL Huawei has the best Camera in 2019 ever !
I˙m lovit


Dude this video FAKE.This is not a p30pro camera not realy make pictures.

Haji Aji says:

IR blaster for p30 pro

nikolas adm says:

how can you be a reviewer and upload in 1080p? how are we to see details in photos and video quality ?

talia promojek says:

Actually huawei wins in this…if your only honest my mother has a p30 pro while my auntie had iphone 11 pro max….i use them to took picture….but why tge picture of p30 pro is not over blown while the iphone 11 is not blown to….but the p30 has a brighter sensor….are you lying to us dude

Tom ekine Otokini says:

I love d saturation

herson navarro says:

P30 pro is much better

Mai 24 says:

Why not mate 30pro.
P30pro is now one year old still win. You are biased and unfair with your that 💩 notch hear tells us everything

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