iPhone 11 Pro vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus CAMERA Test Comparison!

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This is my in-depth camera comparison test of iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+! I test 4K video, stabilization, mic audio, HDR photos, low-light night mode, and more! Sub for more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgyvzxg11MtNDfgDQKqlPvQ?sub_confirmation=1

Which camera do you like better, and WHY? Comment below!
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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

I think I'm gonna stick with the 11 Pro as my daily *for now*, but man Note10+ is killer awesome too!
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Riz Muhammad says:

Most comparison i saw on youtube gave easy win for iphone 11 pro over note 10+…but different with you..i love it,thanks for honest comparison…i really enjoyed your channel

anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary says:

Samsung is king winer best

TickRate says:

Deep fusion is gonna step the photo quality to a whole new level…

Ivaylo Georgiev says:

In my whole life I have never seen a camera comparison where the YouTuber is filming himself wearing socks !!! Great

Daniel Park says:

both have pros and cons.. I cannot choose………..

lung antione says:

which one i like?🤔i like you hehehe kidding🤣

Humada Alfian says:

I think you've place the Note10+ incorrectly, cz I think in many test the microphone definitely sounds better than the iPhone

herbert cambe says:

Disagrre on the audio quality, the note has better audio. The iphone sounds like you are in a cave or under water.

Yulius Malapu says:

Overall I choose Note 10+.

Julio Jimenez says:

I seen better review than this i think he wanted Samsung to win badly 🤧🤮

Reydanny6 - says:

Nah it’s not that people cared about the HDR or not. They were just fanboys because they can’t admit that the iPhone 11 Pro is better🤣

Akira Sachi says:

Weird audio overlay at the start of some clips sounds a little gross. I'd recommend only using once audio source at a time.

Lexus Flip says:

Brighter face?..or tanner face? Which one to get if you are sub-par good looking (not good looking). Which will make you're face look thinner and more attractive?

Mr2pint says:

Well done man you did a good job. One thing that stands out is the poor audio pick up on video with the Galaxy Note 10. Samsung devices in the past have always been a lot better an iPhone with audio not the case this year.

Charles Mallory says:

As an owner of both phones, I am very impressed with your unbiased opinion. It seems that they both can improve with a couple software updates. Anyone can overcome most shortcomings on a shot-by-shot basis with a little trial-and-error.

Abraham Msha Bru says:

iPhone is the next

RagingTiger says:

11 Pro Max king of Smartphones

InvisiMan says:

For better HDR videos on the Note 10+, you have to enable HDR10+, which is something the iPhone doesn't offer – it will improve video quality and HDR quite a bit.

On a side note, why do skin tones on the iphone always look like the person either has jaundice, a sunburn, or a ton of makeup on?

Aoi Kemono says:

iphone always gives people a sunburn

Daniel Arellano says:

I hate the way the note 10’s selfie camera makes his face look, in direct sun it looks good though

Minimalist says:

Looks like there is no major difference to a normal mobile user. Pro camera users wont be relying on mobile camera for their photography work.

Raj Varghese says:

Both are good in their own respects..the Samsung looks post processed as taken from a studio… sometimes it just blows the background…low light on the iPhone is dope…..video is Apple forte but Samsung is bringing in stability modes…

Ash Rehman says:

Samsung wins all day every day hes a Samsung hater and an iPhone lover

Stephen Barros says:

iPhone: always tan
Note 10+: always pale

Denis Sulovic says:

U stupid of course android sheeps r saying on Instagram that Samsung looks better it’s because if ur in the android house u keep defending other android smartphones and iOS users don’t have any other companies to defend except their own so that’s why man that’s why. iPhone won clearly of course.

Deepak Bhardwaj says:

Very amazing camera comparison, have to say so far the best camera comparison

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