iPhone 11 Pro vs. First iPhone (Camera Comparison) – Krazy Ken's Tech Talk

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The iPhone 11 Pro has a highly praised multi-camera system, but what was the camera like in the original iPhone? Let’s compare them and find out…

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Krazy Ken’s Tech Talk #4 – iPhone 11 Pro vs. First iPhone (Camera Comparison)

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Computer Clan says:

Enjoy the new video! And don't forget to subscribe and click the Bell so I can send new videos right to your device. Have fun! : D

wright96d says:

Hey Ken, love your content! I was wondering, you do apply any sort of color grading to your A roll?

Felix Martinez says:

I wish there a phone with no camera.

Junky228 says:

in regards to the poll, the only Apple devices I own are an original iPhone that my uncle gave me after it had been sitting in a drawer for years, my iPod Touch 3G I bought myself a few months after it came out, my mom's old iPad 2, and a 5.5G iPod Video which is the only one I still use every day. I wanted an iPod Mini then the Nano before but at the time my parents wouldn't let me buy either even though I saved up the money for one…which I ended up being grateful for because the iTouch I did finally end up getting was waay more functional than they were. –Oh I remember watching Pirates of the Caribbean on my cousin's iPod Video when we were at a family gathering back in the day lol

Rupert C says:

To me, it's much fairer to compare a phone to a phone than to compare a phone to a DSLR. I'm not saying this to discredit Ken's video about comparing the iPhone 11 Pro to an expensive DSLR, because that video was really interesting, but I'm saying this because whether you're talking about a 12-13 year old smartphone or one that was released a few months ago, you still have physical limitations when it comes to the size of the sensor and the lens. Smartphones are much smaller than even small DSLRs, so in the latter real cameras you can fit in much larger lenses and sensors, which will lead to less noise. As a user of a Fujifilm X10 and an Olympus Evolt E-330, which are a compact prosumer camera from 2011 and a DSLR from 2006 respectively, I definitely agree with skills being more important than equipment. These are certainly pretty nice devices, but they aren't all that modern. I also use a Blackberry Bold 9780 from 2010 to take pictures as well, and while not as good as a modern smartphone or both of my cameras, it does work in a pinch.

XeZrunner says:

I love this channel! Thanks for the entertaining videos!

Stale Pepsi vlog channel says:

Hell yeah snow day!

Big Lebovsky says:

Нихуя не понял

William-Albert Suiogan says:

Where's Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures?

Charles E Bright says:

It's good to go back in the past from time to time to see things have advanced. Ten years from now we'll be doing the same thing. With technology rapidly evolving each year it's going to be fun to see where we are by 2030.


I think it would be good to compare the 3GS and 11 pro max

Cas per says:

May I get a pin for my birthday?🍰

Russell Riedel says:



great job Ken

Michael Shifter says:

I have both phones! Maybe I am lucky too.

Vatan Rangani says:

I liek first iphone image

NerdWorld says:

That poll card gives me life.

NerdWorld says:

The original phone took better photos than it's successors all the way up to the iPhone 5.

DVINTHEHOUSEMAN- BigBowb1e Productions says:

You should downgrade that iPhone to iOS 1.0

Pfahli says:

You should get your hands on the Apple QuickTake 100 and 200

Knuschberkeks says:

are you a guitar player? That Gold Top in the beginning looks awesome in the shot!

Roaming Robert says:

iPhone 5s basically crushed the point and shoot pocket camera market….

Roaming Robert says:

Great vid … thanks!!!

Roaming Robert says:

Check out this history of the iPhone camera (only up to iPhone 10)…. kinda fun though…. I remember those days of super exciting developments with each new phone…. it was totally wild… https://youtu.be/dEbG_iwnVWA

Bill Overbeck says:

I want that OG slide to unlock

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