iPhone 11 Pro vs. DSLR – In Depth Camera Comparison – Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

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The iPhone 11 Pro has a great triple-camera system, but how does it stack up to a DSLR? Today, Krazy Ken takes an in depth look at the differences between the photos each camera produces. Check below for high-res samples from the video…

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Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures #123 – iPhone 11 Pro vs. DSLR – In Depth Camera Comparison

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ArtFartzy says:

How to turn off autofocus? didnt know you could.

samsung 21126 says:

Should of used a 2019 DSLR camera and not a 2014 no 2014 camera was good back then for under a 1000 dollars

Ruben Kelevra says:

Bokeh isn't the "blurriness" of the photo, it's called depth of field. Bokeh is quality and the beautifulness of the "blurriness" of the photo. Also Bokeh is pronounced differently.

rana das says:

iPhone 11 pro max camara is best in the world

mohamed hourani says:

Why on earth would you do portrait comparison using a bald man. Use some one with shot and you will see how bad the iPhone does with the edge detection.

Umang Paliwal says:

2:57 ….Don't u know that if ur iso is 2000 then it's obvious that noise will occur ..And ur image is less sharpened …I tried both and DSLRs always win ….

mickepitzon says:

Impressive for sure. But You should match the shutterspeed on the dslr to the iphone because you use much faster speeds on the dslr . That way the dslr would use much lower iso for the same exposure and much less noise. 1/62 vs 1/250? 👍

Alex Simon says:

Sell Iphone and Canon and just buy Nikon… and you will never need to compare…

Peres Dixon says:

You can get a Sony A7 new for less than $800 and that is without a lens ,with a 28-70 it's $865 on average . This is also a full frame mirrorless camera. The lens also is very good for a kit lens. And the Sony apsc sensor cameras are even cheaper.

Wall Street says:

Bigger sensor doesn’t mean better bokeh. The lens quality and focal length makes up the quality of the bokeh. An iPhone will never make bokeh as a 70-200 2.8 lens.

Erol Sever says:

What about gopro 8? It is small and no shaking..

NETVO TV says:

If for travel and hobbyist of photography which to get if my phone is iPhone SE

Momchil Yordanov says:

For maybe 90% of people smartphone camera is all they will ever use, want or need. The rest (myself included) want the incredible versatility full size cameras provide. Super telephoto lenses, macro lenses, ultra fast lenses with wide aperture… one can get drastically different pictures with an ILC, without even beginning to talk about flash guns, ND filters etc… And here comes the BUT! One has to invest some time to learn, money to buy the gear and ability and effort to take/process these pictures. If you don't feel like you want that – better stick with the smartphone camera. The ILC will be nothing but a frustration and wasted money. And the opposite is also true – if the photographer knows what they are doing and feel the urge to go the extra mile, they will be rewarded with way better and vastly different types of photos by the ILC.

Sunnny Singh says:

iPhone is best

Computer Clan says:

Hey guys! This is important; please read this before watching. I didn’t think I’d have to say it (because it’s already said in the video) but I’m trying to match the DSLR to the iPhone not by SETTINGS, but by the VISUALS. I’m trying to make the composition look similar to the eye, NOT by metadata. Stop saying “you should’ve used the same xyz on both cameras”. No! That’s not how it works! The numbers (99.9% of the time) mean nothing to other devices. Don’t get pedantic and technical about numbers and metadata. That is NOT what photography is about! Rant over! Thanks for reading. Now, enjoy the video…

Oh, and P.S. my lens (yes, it was a kit lens—the primes in my arsenal did not have the focal length I needed to match the iPhone) only opens to 4.5 at the focal length I had it at. That’s why I couldn’t open it further. You don’t need to ask me anymore ; )

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