iPhone 11 Pro Review: Apple's triple-lens camera system got me. It's that good.

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iPhone 11 Pro – Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (Remix) Parody https://youtu.be/neqiYNorYho

I didn’t expect to fall in love with the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera system, but I did. When you look at this as an entire camera system, from software to hardware, it’s the best on any phone right now.

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Brian Tong says:

FYI! The Music Video will be dropping sometime tomorrow and you'll see what we were able to do! So stay tuned…it's gonna be worth it 👍

David Cabrera says:

Much respect for your channel! Love the content !

LoseMyFocus says:

Can we get another shower vid so you can test the water resistance

Pete Eddy says:

52mm is known as a "Normal" lens in photography. It is not a "zoom" lens by a long-shot. It's wider than most people use for portraiture. Ultra Wide angle lenses are normally only used for landscapes and architectural photography. The back facing camera is probably better as a 50mm than ultra wide since you won't be taking selfies with the rear camera.

Anthony Dauer says:

With the iPhone tan leather case, my iPhone 11 Pro Max looks like a retro camera with the new lens upgrade. Love the design.

DuzMachines says:

I still have the iPhone 6 and it works just fine… still waiting for the notch to go away in order to upgrade

Adam Rhodes says:

I was thinking of waiting for the 2020 iPhone because they didn’t seem that many changes to warrant the upgrade. I was wrong like you said 2 big things battery and camera are amazing (I went from X to 11 Pro max 256gb)

Olivia Perry says:

Hey How did you get the wheel on your camera screen to switch between cameras so smoothly? Help Please lol!

Jermaine bynum says:

Just wait for the Google pixel 4

Shiva sharan TN says:

I have iphone 7. I am switching to Samsung galaxy note plus

borders27 says:

The square photo, you have to swipe up in the camera app now to get the aspect ratios. You get square, 4:3, 16:9 now. You’re going to be siked once you actually see the additional menu options.

SleptOn says:

People really don’t use optical zoom(tele lens)?

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