iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – CAMERA Comparison! | The Tech Chap

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Which phone has the best camera – iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus? I compare Photos, Videos, Selfies, Portraits & Low-Light shots to find out which is best!

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The Tech Chap says:

Which do you think won – iPhone 11 Pro or Note 10+? 🤔

Bebe Ndeso says:

Samsung note 10+

Hector Felix says:

i dont care for the camera but performance that note 10 plus is gonna be a beast with xcloud iphone is the same phone just a new camera

vikram Arora says:

plz compare iphone 11 n note 10 plus camera

Mahesh Shinde says:

I do prefer the note 10+ instead 11 pro max 😍😍

Dev Panchigar says:


Shinhyu Yang says:

Is he Christian Eriksen?! 🙂

Jephthah Adofo says:

Note 10 plus for me

itsMido2 says:

6:57 I don't think anyone could get sick of seeing that handsome face!😍


King Note10 plus…😍

Rafid Farhad says:

iPhone 11pro

Explore with Rick Gaming says:

In my book the note wins on most for me

Leo Padz says:

Coming from iPhone x…cant decide between 11pro max or note 10+..i like iPhone consistency and camera however i think note10+ is also a a great one but my issue is consistency..and like i can get a 256 storage on note with no cash out Compared to iphones 64 gig + 300 cash out…which one should i get

Birax James says:

The irony, iPhone colors are saturated now

Shinoki San says:

Color on the iPhone look more natural and better

uouo vlog says:

Now I have 2 iPhone pro max and iPhone XS lol thnx god

uouo vlog says:

I bought pro max is better than PS4 gpu

Alan Silva says:

I've always complained about the frame drops in Samsung's footage, especially while panning! Thought it was solved by now, but too a friend's S10 to test and a simple 10s video had a lot of frame drops. Why is it so hard to find an Android phone with perfectly smooth video recording? Is that a GPU limitation?
Does anyone get better results with another brand?

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