iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera comparison

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The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has plenty of camera features to set it apart from other phones, including a 108-megapixel mode, 8K video and 5x optical zoom. Let’s compare photos and videos from the Note 20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro Max to see which is better for landscapes, portraits, selfies, night mode and more.

00:00 – iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera Comparison
00:47 – Landscapes & HDR
01:56 – Zoom
02:52 – Portrait Mode vs Live Focus and Selfies
03:44 – Night Mode and Low Light Environments
04:29 – Video
06:57 – Verdict

You can buy the Note 20 Ultra here…
Best Buy : https://bit.ly/2CFQDCY
Amazon : https://amzn.to/3iVnkM7
You can buy the iPhone 11 Pro here…
Apple: https://apple.co/2Q8RO0Q
Best Buy: https://bit.ly/2Q46j6e
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Lexy Savvides says:

Thanks for watching! What phone do you want me to compare to the Note 20 Ultra next?

DeutscherRitterorden/Kiyoshi Nash Channel two says:

ich mag Apple nicht weil die Firma wie eine Sekte geführt wird.
Dazu kommt der völlig überzogene Preis, ein iPhone 11 Pro Max in der 512GB Variante kostet nach UVP von Apple in Deutschland 1.649 Euro die tatsächlichen Produktionskosten liegen umgerechnet rund bei 450 Euro. Wenn man lediglich die Materialkosten gegenrechnet, ergibt sich pro iPhone 11 Pro Max eine Differenz von 1.199 Euro.
Das ist nicht nur unverschämt dem Kunden gegenüber nein,es ist auch obszön.

Bukan Pengamen says:

Iphone to warm colour and a bit greenish on selfie camera..

Le Pa says:

Note 20 Ultra is so much better

Yashas Redd says:

Her face is scaring me

Fernando Santos says:

Apple: I can shoot 4k @120fps
Samsung: but you have to watch it on a Note 20/S20 Ultra's screen to enjoy 120fps.

Abhinav Raj says:

She's one of the best tech influencer , I'm from India and I must say that you are able to compete with technical guruji ….lots of love to you ….😊

The Fourth Chairman says:

what is so mind-blowing about that bronze-like coloiur of note 20 ultra?
why is it hyped so much?
Yes it's a matter of taste
but i see nothing special about it, i'd pick the other 2 options any day

AltoMando57 says:

Theres no comparison…i only lasted 6 months with the 11pro max and i got rid of it, too much money for what it offers
Note20 ultra well worth the money

God // says:

Note 20 is easily the winner

David Peña says:

Note 20 it's not even a question

R.A Bacha says:

i phon is the best

Avinash.mail2me says:

Canon/nikon has best dslr camera

Gokulakrishnan says:

Good Video.. There are many comparison videos out there, but yours is short and sweet and gives me complete idea on how both works on different scenarios. Thanks!!

algebralineare1 says:

iPhone Is Yellow .. bah

hussein adel says:

اين العرب؟

Yasir Tech says:

I will watch 8k video on my 1080p screen, 😂🤣📹

osarogiagbon Matthew says:

Samsung really improved from the galaxy s20 ultra and for sure iphone 12 photos are gonna be better than the note 20 ultra photos and I am sure the s21 ultra and note 21 ultra will best the iphone 12 , that's if samsung does not drop the ball again.

Invictus Maneo says:

Given the steep pricing , anyone looking forward to buying a new phone , would do fine , going with the Note Ultra .
It needs to be kept in mind that iphones put a hefty cost to storage space , and that 4k vids do tend to requisition a lot of that storage. Also , it is sensible to buy a phone, if u r prepared to pay the price, which is 5g capable, Note being the one.
iPhone enthusiasts , would anyway , wait for the 12

Zero Two says:

iPhone will always win, ios is untouchable.

dark side says:

Samsung is the best in the world ❤❤❤

McLOVIN says:

It’s clear which phone is better for the zoom. Which one? I can’t really tell :[

Lowlands says:

The note is actually at the level where you can just use it as a casual purpose digital camera.
Especially with 5 times optical zoom.
Iphone not yet at that level

Billy Boy says:

I give credit to our Korean friends for making a decent phone. They are making the most of the Android recipe but it falls short of Apple’s iOS in terms of security and overall performance. In my office, the phone wars are over. Everybody has an iPhone.

J M says:

how come no love for plain jane 20?

Sham Maideen says:

This video reminds me of just how annoying and obnoxious the aussie accent really is.

Aditya Bonnyvena says:

Great video. Definitely Note 20 Ultra 😁

Hello World says:

I think 12 megapixels is a little bit low.

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