iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy Note 10+ Camera Comparison

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Time for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus camera comparison we’ve all been waiting for. The biggest titans in the smartphone world go at it here and you’ve got to let me know who your winner is in the comments!

iPhone 11 Pro Max – REAL Day in the Life Review! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNGhTYEjOOI&list=PLllvXU2Kt6Mfyhfz1MHJAs5Ct8hJJWe1r
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Mangal Limbu says:

Samsung provides pro mode for professional people. Not to forget.

Sajid Khan Dsk says:

Hey bro your work is much better than these two companies. What a satisfying video.😃😃

Jonny E says:

The Samsung has a depth sensor. That's why it detects edges way better than the iPhone, which lacks that sensor on the rear camera. I really wish Apple includes a rear depth sensor on the next year models. It's just not a fair fight at this point.

Gilbert Aguilar says:

How about the first picture iPhone over saturated curtain…….. didn't hear that?


I love Samsung phones, but they just need to work on skin tones and color accuracy

david decastro says:

Ok so I realized what's going on with all these comparisons they aren't running the note 10s camera at the top quality setting they are using out of box settings HDR is off out of box for some stupid reason.. My brother's pro doesn't compare when these settings are changed. I'm sorry another faulty paid for pro to show better color accuracy out of the box. Thanks for the 6th faulty comparison. I have unsubbed all these unchanged camera setting comparisons

Josh Stoloff says:

I need to ask, what floor lamps are those on either side of your couch? I def need those for my office! 🙂

Sunny Bibra says:

Apple portrait mode first? 🤔 Maybe as far as the name 'portrait mode' but i remember taking those same shots in a hidden mode on the galaxy s6 camera (2015) when it was called "selective focus" and i remember being so mad at samsung for not marketing it when a year later apple released their portrait mode and I'm screaming in my head SAMSUNG WHY DON'T YOU TELL PEOPLE YOU HAVE IT FIRST lol had to show my friends the pics i took in selective focus mode years later for them to believe me samsung had it first (and probably even way earlier than 2015 that was just my first time buying an android)

Datcyde says:

Pixel 4XL VS. 11 Pro Max. That's what I'm waiting for.

Soroush Gh says:

Samsung 💩😂

Soroush Gh says:

Iphone pro 😍💪🏻

Brad Guerrero says:

Is beauty mode off on the Galaxy? There is also a skin tone adjustment.

Virdin Barzey says:

Supersaf does a better job with the comparison.

Gelly Brits says:

I finished the whole video, I love your soothing voice. not loud like some other male ytbers.

Melina Cruz says:

C’mon Samsung fix your Color nd give me more details on photos/selfies and I’ll pick you over the iPhone !

android boy says:

Professionals would choose a phone which can shoot pictures in raw and a phone which has a proper pro mode !
For a moment i laughed when he said professionals would prefer iphone ! The only thing you could control in iphone is exposure ! And do you think that professionals would use that dumb camera instead of a phone which can shoot in raw and which has a pro mode !
Stop giving wrong information!
Hit like if you think im right

Tech Cabby says:

Good one uravgconsumer…
But still think the iPhone 11 pro Max is better in some cases… As well as the Note 10+.
But overall the iPhone 11 pro Max is better…

Iam2smooth says:

Why do we do comparisons? It’s two different phones from two different companies it’s literally apple’s and oranges you should compare android phones to android phones and iPhone to….iPhones, besides most of us won’t have both phones at the same time

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