iPhone 11 Pro Max VS DSLR VS Mirrorless Camera Review

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In this photography review we look at a comparison video between the New iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera, and the Canon 5D MKIV, as well as the Sony A7R2. The iPhone 11 camera did an amazing job keeping up with the professional DSLR vs Mirrorless cameras! You can see the iPhone 11 photos below, as well as the DSLR and Mirrorless camera images too.

We look at some RAW files that were shot with the 35mm lens at F1.4, and you can follow along with the editing at the end of the video.

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Bach Photography says:

Thanks for watching! It's amazing how far phone cameras have come in recent years. I still think DSLR and Mirrorless cameras reign supreme though

Josh Posey says:

Why only use a very harsh lighting scenario? I’d like to see examples done that are not in such extremes.

Robert Fellinger says:

good cam with telphonfunction, but for shooting is my Sony A7iii much better!!!


EVERY SINGLE TIME, I watch your videos, you just keep opening my mind to more editing tools and possibilities in Lightroom. Thank you as always, love the "true" comparison between the cameras and the iPhone. I had a similar conversation with a fellow creative over here, I'll be showing him this video and he will see what I was actually talking about. Keep making your great content, until the next one, love from the UK.

Kevin Carver says:

Do you have a Flickr?

Films worlds says:

Deep fusion iPhone 11 pro brother make a comparison please 🙂

Ryan Tanaka says:

Thanks for making this. I really like your videos. I got the 11 Pro last night and am still checking things out too. JPEG/heifs do seem over processed/sharpened, but also mushy. RAW a will be interesting. Also, I think imagining is actually the primary area of development these days not an after thought. I think you can hop into medium format for under $10k. Still a lot of money though… and I’ve yet to give it a go. (My primary camera is an a7iii.) Thanks again for the great videos!

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