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Hey guys! My old phone went kaput so here’s an iPhone 11 Pro Max unboxing💖 whether you were looking for a satisfying unboxing video or you wanted to know more about this phone I hope you enjoyed and found this video helpful!

Also i don’t know why I didn’t mention this in the video but I got the iPhone 11 Pro Max in silver with 256 GB in case anyone was wondering the exact phone model!

My phone case:


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Francesca Grace says:

Hey guys! My old phone went kaput so here’s an iPhone unboxing! 📱🌸✨ enjoy!


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Frankii 🦋🌈🖤

Sandra Rhiann says:

how much is this???

Martie Kae says:

When you set up as a new phone but used the same apple id, was you able to keep your photos?

army ishabelle says:

In your description,, I think you meant 256gb lol cuz they dont come with 264gb lmao

Emily Maune says:

Thanks so much for making this video because I'm getting this phone and I have the same phone as your old phone and all I've been watching is unboxings and your super sweet definitely subscribeing xx

Chloe Loseke says:

“In hand rectangle” 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Aribah Ansari says:

I love watching what’s on my iPhone videos I’m
so nosy ps your so pretty 💞💞

Emillia Armstrong says:

I'm getting an upgrade but I don't know what phone to get so comment if you think I should get the iPhone 11 pro max (rose gold) or like if you think I should get a iPhone 11 ( purple)!!

Over MSRP says:

Was your old iPhone updated how was it so buggy?!

Rachel P says:

oh yeaaah she got da new phone 😎❤️

Simply Octavia says:

We both had the same phone I have an 8 plus too but it always acts up so I’m probably getting a new phone too ! 😂

Tatenda Kakoma says:

Love you frankii💝💝💝

Tatenda Kakoma says:

Wow idk why these videos are soo satisfying to watch 😁,mean while I'm still on Android 😂😂😂🙁

Cece Vlog says:

I like your iphone

Kaylie Leon Medina says:

I just watched the youtube video ideas video that you made and just had to watch more of your videos. Your just cool to watch.:) I hope to be a good youtuber like you one day.

Angelica Daniela Baez Espinosa says:

I’m getting mines tomorrow 🤩

NonCopyrightMusic says:

Fantastic channel. Hope you Don't mind me watching. Also, Can We be youtube friends? xP

catrionalouise says:

meanwhile i still have my iphone 7 plus😂

Kiera and Olivia says:

Omg love this so much!!!

Frankie D says:

My name is Frankie too

Sarjanacastic says:


khris lee says:

Hiiii i love your vids i hope to meet you one day stay safe

Jana Karačić says:

You are so cute

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